Monday, May 7, 2012

Five Reasons Why Managers Cannot Coach to gain Effective Results

Having a great leader who will manage a team or people is an important role in every growing organization in order to achieve great results.

Today's organizations are clamoring for unique individuals who can demonstrate leadership competencies that will influence others to become productive and results driven. The competencies of a leader are a combination of innate talents and acquired knowledge and experiences. Adamant learning and inquisitive behavior are useful pieces in the development. In addition, the passion to care about people and develop them of becoming what they could become in the near future is relevant and transformational.  This will bring a new breed of leadership to every organization.

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There are reasons why managers of today cannot coach to gain effective results. Here are the five reasons that we have gathered from our experience in the field.
  • Not trained or mentored to become a leader who will demonstrate effective management of people
  • Were promoted from their individual technical function based on 'certain merits' e.g. engineering or sales, etc. but were not prepared with professional development in people management and team development prior to their assumption to the new role. One reason, the organization they worked did not have 'Potential Leadership Development Program'
  • Lack of expertise to recognize and integrate the overall strategic initiatives of the organization to their team's roles and objectives, very tactically oriented
  • Inability to influence team members and illustrate a new mindset that supports the overall organizational objectives and strategies. One reason is that managers did not have the experience and knowledge in role modeling better ideas that are effective
  • Do not have the strategic approach and leadership capabilities in capturing the support of the senior management as a means of developing the high performance organization

What can you do?
1. Understand your business, its leadership style and the business culture
2. Develop or adopt a strategy that will emulate partnership and support to the item # 1
3. Influence your senior management based on facts that demonstrate deficiencies, poor results, issues and then leverage evidence that will provoke increased productivity and results driven activities
4. When you are short of experience, knowledge and competencies - hiring an experienced human capital and resources management consultant to become your guide and partner is the best option. Your senior management will appreciate your initiative in developing your competencies.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Pople skills are very important in this age. There are so many differnt types of personalities. Pople are struggling and it is important totry to undertand and encourage people.

  2. Agree with you Garilcav, people are the important pillar of organization in order to execute concretely the abstract ideas in every initiatives.