Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jobs: For Healthcare Professionals Code: JTF17-090215

The following healthcare positions are being announced for the benefit of those who were affected with the current recession. We'll be glad to assist you with your next professional occupation.

a. Washington State (Seattle and nearby cities)
Physical Therapist
New Graduate RNs

b. New Mexico Openings:
Director of Nursing (Oncology/ Bariatric)
Case Manager
House Supervisor
Nurse Manager (ICU/ MedSurg)
Radiology Manager
Registered Nurse (ICU, ER, MedSurg, Critical Care, Telemetry, OR)
Director of Nursing (Labor and Delivery)
Social Worker
CT Tech
Echo Tech
Occupational Therapist
Respiratory therapist

c. Greenville, South Carolina Openings:
Physicians Only- Family Medicine - no OB
- Adult Pulomnologists
- Adult Neurologists
- Peds Nepro
- Peds Surgeon
- Peds Ortho Surgeon
- Peds ENT
- Psyciatrists

d. Arizona Openings:
Arizona Registered Nurses (several positions with experiences in ICU, Cath Lab, Medical /Surgical, Orth-Surg, Urgent Care, Labor and Delivery, Clinical Quality Nurse Reviewer, Cardiovascular ICU
( Night shifts and 13% differentials available - if application is received before Feb 28th.)
AZ PT's and OT's are urgently needed.

e. California Openings:
California Registered Nurses (several positions with experiences in ICU, Medical/ Surgical,
Telemetry, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Evaluator, Psyciatry)

f. Nevada Openings:
Nevada Registered Nurse (several positions like: APN (Advanced Practice Nurse, LPN
(Licensed Practical Nurse) and General RNPhysicians: OB-GYN, Internal Medicine, Family

If you are looking for a job, have a friend or know someone who is looking for any healthcare position opportunities, let them contact us. A consultative placement assistance will be provided in finding the right job. We work with over 300 facilities across the USA. Our clients pay our services in finding the right quality individual and practitioner.

Send your resume with Code: JTF17-090215 in word file to: 

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Poland: New Work Permit Procedure

Recently, the Polish Labor Office introduced a new legislation that modified the work permit application procedures.

This new legislation eliminated the requirement of 'obtaining Promise of Work Permit, based on issued visa.' Now, the Work Permit can be obtained and will be completed at the home country when the foreign national applies for a visa in order to legalize the stay in Poland. Please note however, that a Work Visa or Residence Permit must be obtained first to validate a Work Permit.

The whole procedure is approximately completed within 60 days from the date the complete application packet is submitted.

The Work Permit Validity is now seen to last for maximum of three years. However, authorities advised that in 2009, the permits will only be for 12 months. This is most likely a strategy to transition for the longer validity of the Work Permit.

Intra Company Transfer (ICT) has been simplified by eliminating 'workforce demand step'. The process is shortened for a month after eliminating that particular step.

The following must be met in exchange to the local market information.
a. Foreign national must remain on the payroll of the home country outside Poland
b. There is no employment contract with host entity based in Poland
c. The transfer is done within the same capital group

The above procedure will help both the sponsoring company and the visa recipient in regards to timing and simplification of both application process. The ICT is very supportive to the business goals of both the home country company and host country company plus convenience of the employee. The key to success is that all entities involved must be synchronized and compliant to the regulations. Guidance from an experienced professional is essential if you are not certain on the components of the regulations.

For any questions or need guidance about the above changes and procedures, please send to

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Switzerland Now a Schengen Country Member

As of December 12th 2008 - Switzerland is the latest European Country that joined the Schengen Member Area. There are now 25 members consisting the Schengen Countries.

The following are the current members to the Schengen Countries;
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. These countries are also a part of the European Union Member States.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Republic of Ireland, Romania and United Kingdom are Members of the European Union, however they are not a Schengen Member at this time.

While Switzerland is now a Schengen Member, the Swiss airports border control will remail in place until March 29, 2009 where its Schengen operation will begin.

There are several changes to visa requirements as an impact to the Schengen Membership of Switzerland.
1. The nationals of the following countries NOW require a visa when entering Switzerland;
  • Dominica
  • Fiji
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Solomon Islands
  • Suriname
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago and
  • Tuvalu
2. Nationals of the following countries will remain visa exempt when entering Switzerland; however this is only applicable when entering Switzerland and not entering other Schengen Member Countries where visa is required;
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados and
  • St. Kitts-Nevis
3. Nationals holding an in-transit visa within Switzerland are no longer able to leave the transit area

4. Third country visa required nationals being alien residents of Andora, Canada, San Marino, USA, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom now require a visa

There are 5 types of Schengen Visa:
  • Type A - airport transit visa
  • Type B - transit visa
  • Type C - short period visa
  • Type D - long period national visa
  • Type D+C - visa that allows the holder to enter and stay for long term stay at the issuing Schengen state and can travel to other Schengen countries
Observations: Traveler must get guidance from an experienced professional consultant on Schengen countries when planning to visit or do business within the Schengen member countries. There are advantages and limitations on each visa types.

For questions or inquiries regarding additional information to compliance please contact:

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USA: US Lawful Permanent Residents Included in the US-VISIT Procedures Expansion

The Department of Homeland Security published a Final Rule that expanded the categories of all non-US citizens will be required to participate in biometrics collection - digital fingerprints and a photograph upon entry to the United States throught US-VISIT (United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology) Program.

Effective January 18, 2009 - all of the following non-US citizens will be required to provide biometrics when entering or re-entering the United States:
  • Lawful Permanent Residents of United States (a. at land border port, if they are referred to secondary inspection under the discretion of the inspecting officer, b. at seaports, when returning to US from an 'open' cruise
  • Persons entering US who seek admission on immigrant visas;
  • Persons entering the US who seek admission as refufees and asylees;
  • Canadian citizens who are currently required to obtain a Form I-94 (Arrival Departure Record) upon entry or who required a waiver of inadmissibility to the United States; including applicants for nonimmigrant classifications such as C, D, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, Q1, Q3, R, S, T, TN and others who are referred to a secondary inspection;
  • Persons paroled into the US
  • Persons applying for admission under the Guam VWP
  • H1B Visa holders when applying for a new multiple entry Form I-94 or when referred to secondary inspection for other reasons
  • Non-US citizens who seek admission with Border Crossing Cards and who do not have a Form I-94, at the discretion of the CBP Officers
Please click on the link to read the details of the Fact Sheet issued by the Department of Homeland Security, dated December 19, 2008.

For questions or inquiries regarding additional information to compliance please contact:

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USA: Continuing Updates: US Employment Eligibility - I-9 Form

The USCIS released an announcement in January 30 2009 about its 60 days period up to April 3rd 2009 - the implementation of the an interim final rule "Documents Acceptable for Employment Eligibility Verfication" which was published in the Federal Register on December 17th 2008.

The public will have more ample time to provide comments at the Federal Register. This public comment will end on March 4th 2009. Interested parties who would like to share their opiniions or comments can visit this website:

The interim final rule will provide an amendment of the regulations governing the types of acceptable identity and employment authorization documents which employees can present to their employers when completing the I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Form). Under the interim rule it prohibits the acceptance of an expired document to verify an employment authorization.

As an employer's representative - the HR Professional who will be conducting the validation of acceptable identification documents for the I-9 Form must take an extra moment and effort in understanding appropriate documents that are acceptable.

As necessary, attend continuing education that are focused on Managing I-9 Eligibility Documents and Compliance. Seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced HR Consultant on Employment Eligibility and Work Permits.

There is a high risk for both the employer and the HR Professional when a new hire will be found to be using a non-acceptable document.

For questions or inquiries regarding additional information to compliance please contact:

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Job: Administrative Assistant / Coordinator

While the recession is still deepening, JNT Consulting LLC would like to share an employment opportunity to individuals who are proficient in executing job duties with minimal supervision. JNT Consulting LLC is recruiting and hiring for the following position.

If you know of anyone who may qualify and possess the requirements of this position. Please refer them this source in order to submit their application.

Position: Administrative Assistant / Coordinator
Reports To: Director of National Accounts
Location: Tucson, AZ
Job Code: JN090121

The Opportunity:
JNT Consulting LLC is seeking an experienced and trainable Administrative Assistant / Coordinator who will be based in Tucson, Arizona.

Job Description:
The Administrative Assistant / Coordinator will be responsible in executing administrative functions and coordinating multi-faceted activities within the organization and liaising with external offices or agencies. Majority of the function will be focused on client support and relationships but not limited to coordinating with business partners, alliances and prospective clients within the industry.

Manages the day to day communications and liaises between customers, clients and business partners, updates records, databases, generate and manage spread sheets, reports to management, business proposals, bids, answering inquiries and providing information. Executes periodic customer survey to clients and partners during an in progress service and upon completion.

Executes pricing estimates, analysis, obtain surveys, and negotiates costs for competitive proposals and bids, and other assigned tasks that will be necessary to support the business operation.

Manages and coordinates logistical requirements of client’s activities between locations and offices, registering orders, following operational processes and procedures, monitoring quality services and deliverables, preparation and completion of required documentation and these must be executed with accuracy and efficiency, work diligently across business units to effectively coordinate all operational flow and support of the business.

Candidate Qualifications & Experience:
BS Degree or equivalent experience of 5 years in administrative position

BS with 3 years of administrative assistant experience

Experienced in a multi-cultural setting, multiple industries such as high tech, construction, education, healthcare, relocation, real estate, logistics, moving, government, etc.

Personable, intelligent, educated, competent, open-minded, fast learner, culturally sensitive, go-getter and trainable

Multi-task oriented, problem solver, self-reliant, time management, excellent communication skills in both written and verbal language

Speaks English fluently, other languages spoken an advantage

Possess demonstrable strong customer service skills, interpersonal skills, detail oriented, excellent competencies in Microsoft Office including adobe acrobat, excellent office management and organization skills, critical thinking and strong respect to confidentiality

Ability to provide proof of Employment Eligibility for USA employment when hired. EOE.


Reminder to Applicants:

Please submit your resume immediately to: Attn Code: JN090121

All qualifying candidates will be interviewed by telephone for screening purposes. Succeeding steps will follow to those who will become strong candidate for the position.

Inquiries about the status of an application are discouraged. When your qualification will not match to all of the requirements of this position, your Resume will be put in our active database for future consideration of any employment opportunity. Thank you.

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