Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Wishes to HRH Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton

Our Congratulations 
HRH Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton

Wedding Day -  Friday, April 29th 2011
Westminster Abbey, London, U.K.

"We are both so delighted that you are able to join us in celebrating what we hope will be one of the happiest days of our lives," said "William" and "Catherine" which appeared in the Official Program of the Royal Wedding.

The Official Program illustrated many aspects of the Celebratory Day on their Wedding Day, Friday, April 29th, 2011. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, announced before the Wedding that her gift to Ms. Catherine Middleton as a Royal Title after the wedding will be called "Duchess of Cambridge" - Duchess Catherine!, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

"The affection shown to us by so many people during our engagement has been incredibly moving, and has touched us both deeply. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone most sincerely for their kindness." - Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton

Well wishers who would like to donate will send donations to the Favorite Charities of William and Kate.

Their Royal Highness Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Photograph by Hugo Burnand

Other Links to the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Post Wedding Glimpse of their Celebrations.

Culture Note:
British Monarchy and its History was recorded as early as 400ad-1603. The English Crown has evolved up to the 21st Century which include the globally celebrated Royal Wedding of  Prince William (the future King of England) and Ms. Catherine Middleton (the future Queen of England).
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Brings Joy and Peace to the World

Wishing Everyone the Joys, Peace and Love of Easter!

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion on Good Friday as described in the Bible's four canonical gospels. Easter Sunday also marks the end of the 40-day Lenten season when many Christians observe special regimens of fasting and prayer.

"Pope Benedict XVI urged an end to fighting in Libya, using his Easter Sunday message to call for diplomacy and peace in the Middle East."

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Following Rules and Laws Undermines Inefficiencies

The Final Rule has been issued regarding the Employment Eligibility Verfication Form, most often referred to as the I-9 Form.

The USCIS has adopted without change, an interim rule to improve the integrity of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, that was in effect since April 3, 2009.

Highlights of the Interim Rule Adopted by the Final Rule:
1. Prohibiting employers from accepting expired documents
2. Revising the list of acceptable documents by removing outdated documents and making technical amendments
3. Adding documentation applicable to certain citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

To read the details of the Interim Rule dated April 3rd, 2009, please click the link below;

USA: Revised I-9 Guideline Takes Effect Today - April 3rd 2009

Please click on the link to read the revised I-9 Employer Handbook 

Review the actual  documentation guide of the I-9 Form on pages 51, 52, and 53 of the I-9 Employer Handbook, it illustrated the different legitimate documentations that are valid and acceptable for US Employment Eligibility. The current version of the Form I-9 (Rev. 08/07/2009) is the Form that employers must use when performing the Employment Eligibility Verification of any New Hire.

A good business practice in managing Human Capital is to have all hiring managers and everyone involved in the "hiring and on-boarding process" to get trained and coached with the different concepts and appropriate documentation for I-9 compliance and management.  In that way, the risks of hiring the wrong individual will be minimized and avoid additional burden to the organization.

Oftentimes, Start-ups and small organizations miss the value of this aspect during hiring - I - 9 Eligibility Verification.  It is often looked at as a bureaucratic impediment to their  fast pace environment. However, when they see the benefit of having employees who passed the Eligibility Verification - this will keep their Human Capital Assets and organization into higher level of competency.  Risks were strategically diminished in that area.

If your organization does not have a Human Capital Management Department, hire an experienced  External HR Business Partner / Consultant, who will assist you in the execution of this 'On-Boarding Process' in that way the compliance and management of the I-9  will be executed properly.  An external HR Business Partner can help you in navigating the many areas of your Human Resources and People Management.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Managing Expatriates During Crises

Recently,  an article on Disaster Plan was published based on recent Tsunami and 9.0 earthquake that shook Japan. It provided a list of reminders for everyone who is living in a zone that has a prevalent catastrophic activity like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc. 

Evacuation of Expatriates in Critical Zones

Expatriates living in different countries are not exempted in this area.  While an expat is living in a foreign country, it was a part of his/her orientation about learning the nuances of living in the new home country.  The nuances are not only related to culture, business practices, schooling for children, language barriers, and way of life and lifestyles.  It also cover learning about current local rules, regulations and laws that might affect your temporary living in that particular country.

Disaster Plan is also a part of an Expatriate Program Management. Organizations with competent Human Capital Program Managers should have this plan incorporated in their Mobility Program.  However, the most important of that equation is the how and logistics of exit.  It is a a very challenging activity when an expat will take an exit at the soonest in a country that is in turmoil. Have you thought of that logistics when you were creating your program or the least your policy?

Recently, numerous British expats living in Bahrain were surprised with the impact of a current local law that will not allow those individuals to leave the kingdom if they have outstanding debts with banks and private firms regardless of the situation of the country. 

Solutions Planning and Management

The Human Capital Manager who is in-charge in the deployment of Expats in any country must take every efforts in putting together important pieces of Evacuation Plan. One part of that plan is providing adequate knowledge, guidance and training to their expatriates.  The same dedication is expected on the part of the Expat so that they know when and how to exit when such situation present itself.

On the case of Bahrain, expats have down-played the reality of having debt while they are in a temporary living status in this kingdom. Are they aware on the existence of the law? or not? 

In any situation and regardless of location of expatriate living. One must take responsibility in understanding what are the things that are convenient and advantageous while living as an expat.  But one must not ignore the force of a local law that will prohibit their exit from such country when there is a turmoil or similar event that will take place. 

The Evacuation Plan must illustrate actionable logistics that employees can execute immediately from their current location.  Human Capital Management must be the Lead at the very beginning of planning by informing their expat employees on the limitations and prohibitions including privileges of certain laws at specific countries.

Consequence of Situations:
At the event that there is a turmoil at host country of the expat, and they cannot exit due to certain obligations such as debt in Bahrain that is enforced by local laws. How can an employer assist the expat? At what extent that the employer will play a role even though certain obligations are incurred by personal activities? It's a tough decision but someone will have to bite a bullet in order to evacuate expats from danger zones. 

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Business Acumen Translates Effective Management of Human Capital and Resources

Today's organizational structures are becoming more and more complex. The globalization has emerged as the platform of a modern businesses. With the impact of workforce diversity as a main component of current market, there are dilemmas on the effectiveness of navigating the global organizational goals in every enterprise. 

Globalization became apparent that  there is a competency gap within the Human Resources Management and the Business Units in relation to business acumen. It became apparent that 'business acumen' is a deficiency in many HR organizations. 

Is 'business acumen' really a part of the Human Resources Management?  Many HR professionals' organizational purpose was to push and file papers that are brought into their desk.  Yes, it is time to transform this role and become a participant in the business arena. Acquire the skills and knowledge that reflect business mindset.

Strategically, if your objective was to maximize at  the fullest the capability and effectiveness of people who work in your organization. Then think and act strategically. Integrate both HR management and business principles into your environment.  This will require a demonstration of the financial acumen that relates to the human capital and looking into the bigger landscape of your organization. Aligning these to your overall business objectives that begins from business units to the top of the organization. 

When renaming my 'Generalist' as HR Business Partner, would it align my organization to having competencies with 'business acumen'?  It is suggested to review thoroughly the day-to-day functions of your Generalist. Majority of people in this role do not demonstrate a skill of a business partner. In the preceding  paragraph it provided some cues on  strategic mindset that integrate human capital, business, and bigger landscape.

Hiring HR Business Partner became  a fashion among many organizations that went out in droves advertising their need of a HR Business Partner.  They thought that there are zillions of people with that competencies. However, there were many unrealistic truth among organizations. When an organization advertises a job that calls a 'strategic mindset' the job functions do not measure up to the intended position because it asks for a tactically demonstrated skills plus some blurbs of partnerships and strategic.  These descriptions alone are factual evidence of lack of knowledge and competencies in defining what is a strategic role as HR Business Partner. 

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When your competencies are short to be in line with the current practices and trends of global business, invest on your self development and education. Seek the help of an experienced Coach in this field. This Coach can provide you with necessary yet practical guidance and acquaint you with realistic and pragmatic techniques. Learning is always a gateway of immeasurable opportunities.

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