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USA: Healthcare: Attracting Employers to become the Choice for the Position

The Healthcare industry is accelerating their environments and one among the top priorities of the different facilities is staffing their organization with the right individual with professional competencies, including education, current certifications, continuing education and with appropriate resume.

For individuals who are seeking opportunities in any of the following healthcare professions, we can assist you in the search of your new career, prepare you for the interview, guide you in making your experience become the choice of the hiring manager by presenting your resume professionally.
1. Highlight your professional and technical competencies
2. Learn to interview interactively and strategically
3. Discuss what can you do in adding value to the hiring organization and not emphasizing your traditional skills

For additional guidance and appointment request, contact us at: (480) 656-2981

We participate in the recruitment and placement of healthcare positions across the country:

1. Registered Nurses:
Registered Nurse: Responsibilities include assesses, plans, implements, evaluates and documents nursing care of patients in accordance with facility and departmental policies and in accordance with standards of professional nursing practice. This position is accountable for the quality of nursing services delivered by self or others who are under his/ her direction.Requires current RN license applicable to State where job will be performed or temporary RN permit, current CPR certification, ACLS, BCLS, etc. Must demonstrate effective communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. New Grads are encouraged to apply. Various Registered Nurses: (experienced one or more of the the following units: Med surg, ICU, Telemetry, Oncology, ER, Case Management, Cath Lab, Pediatric, Psychiatry, Director of Nursing, home health, long term care) - Night shifts preferred, Day Shifts.

2. Informatics Professionals:
Informatics Professional is responsible in working with end users, internal IT personnel and vendors to define the clinical requirements of the hospital’s system and resolve related problems. Expertise within software environments and platforms like: CERNER, EPIC, Pyxis, HBOC-Star, Care Manager, First Data Bank and ParRx software and others are ideal.

The emphasis will be on developing, maintaining and testing application software and assist in the support, training, and development of clinical software applications throughout the hospital system.

Areas of responsibility will include detail design of application (build tools, content, formats, etc.), requirements definition/specification, implementation and testing of new software, maintenance of existing software, and providing user support.

This position primarily interacts with adults and provides no direct patient care. All staff members must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to meet the physical, psycho/social, educational, safety, and related needs of the persons in the assigned work area.

There are positions under this category like:
a. Clinical Informatics Analyst
b. Pharmacy Informatics Coordinator
c. Clinical Coding and COmpliance
d. Nursing Informatics Coordinator

3. Physical Therapists:
Physical Therapists are needed in many areas of the medical field to treat and assist patients of all ages and abilities in orthopedic treatment center, hospital and rehabilitation clinic settings. Generally, physical therapists provide a variety of medical services to help individuals who have been injured or physically affected by illness to recover or improve function. A physical therapist must be able to evaluate a patient’s condition and devise a customized physical rehabilitation and treatment plan to enhance strength, flexibility, range of motion, motor control, and reduce any pain, discomfort and swelling the patient is experiencing. The various job responsibilities for a physical therapist are often physically demanding and require that most therapists be in good physical condition. Basic Requirement: Must possess a current Professional License in the State of Practice.

4. Occupational Therapists:
Occupational Therapist: Responsibilities will help patients of all ages who have limited abilities, establish, develop and/or maintain the ability to complete daily functions and tasks. Through regular therapy sessions, occupational therapists work one-on-one with patients, focusing on their individual needs to help them achieve improved quality of life and a sense of independence. Occupational therapy concentrates on ameliorating the physical, mental, social and emotional sources of patients’ disabilities. Typically, occupational therapist jobs are located in nursing care facilities, hospitals and private occupational therapy practices. Due to the often physically and emotionally demanding responsibilities of the job, it is ideal for occupational therapists to be in good health. Must have a current Professional License to practice at a particular work location and state.

5. Management Positions:
a. Nurse Supervisor
b. Pharmacy Director
c. Clinical Educator
d. Director of Women's and Infants
e. Medical Surg / ICU Manager
f. Asst Director of Emergency
g. Director of Case Management
h. Patient Care Manager

Competencies requirements for each position varies. Please submit your resume to:, one of our Staffing Specialist will review your qualification and then contact you for a telephone screening.

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All clients value your experience. Comensurate compensation will be available based on experience and qualification.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Job on Ruby on Rails: An open source web application

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application

What do people say about Ruby on Rails? Click on the link below to read the comments of several professionals about Ruby on Rails, Ruby on catalogue an open source web application.

The Opportunity:
JNT Consulting LLC is seeking an experienced Software Developer in Ruby on Rails

Technical Competencies:
1. Two (2) years Ruby on Rails professional experience, ideally enterprise level applications
2. Five (5) years Software Development
3. High aptitude for new technology
4. MySQL
5. Erlang experience a plus
6. Clojure experience a plus

About the Work Environment:
The environment is start up, looking for someone with exceptional software development talent. Putting together deliberately a smaller teams of all-stars is the best way to build software.

“We are building an interesting software in a space without a lot of interesting software: payment solutions. We are doing green field development. Mostly in Rails. Ruby skills are required. But we will leverage other technologies appropriately. For instance, we expect that our system can take advantage of specific features in languages like Erlang and Clojure.”

Please visit JNTC Careers to read the complete description of the job.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

USA: Being Relevant with Hiring Practices during the Recession

During the hiring process, one important piece of information that players pay attention to when hiring an individual is compensation. Compensation matters to people. The old adage where one must not talk about money matters and compensation during the initial stage of hiring, particularly on the side of the candidate as well as on the side of the hiring team is now an obsolete practice. Discuss about it at the outset to become relevant to the current times and with that it eliminates delays and invest your time more effectively.

What matters today:
During the recession time, all players including hiring manager, recruiter and the candidate must be practical and abreast to the realities. Face the facts that will drive the acquisition of high caliber talent. It is essential to determine the value of the candidate immediately at the very beginning. Identify their value-add to your current organizational needs. Keep your staffing indicators ahead of the game in regards to long term human capital investments and returns. Set appropriate expectations and approach it with competence and not wait for the moment of negotiation that will delay the start date. Being competitive in the global economy is important. What matters in the global economy is the combination of strategic mindset, cross cultural and diverse experience including professional competencies of individuals. The assembly line mentality should be utilized in the manufacturing environment unless you treat your human capital as objects. Today, it is necessary to increase growth and advancement of the organization by employing critically strategic thinkers and competent professionals with common sense .

Strategic Competencies in recruiting and hiring:
At the very start when the Job Requisition is being executed, there must be an identified timeline in hiring the talent. Demonstrate consultative competence in consolidating all details of requirements. Discuss with the Hiring Manager the actual job functions and expected end results. Liaise the same with HR Manager or HR Business Partner, including salary range, benefits, hiring incentives, technical skills and professional competencies of the candidate at-large.

The compensation package that will afford the position is necessary. It is a pro-active practice to obtain current industry compensation range for the position similar to what you are hiring. Depending on two years or older data will provide you a wrong decision. To be strategic, one must be knowledgeable about current practices. Guide hiring managers and human resources personnel who are not knowlegeable about current trends that facilitate effective hiring is a form of investment.

Hiring Managers must understand that experience require reasonable and comensurate compensation. Be shameful to underpay an experienced professional. Staffing professionals need to demonstrate professional responsibility that will connect the needs of the Job and the strenghts of the candidate. There should be a realistic and functional description of responsibilities and requirements that will determine the expected type of individual to be hired. Determine what matters. The essential skills to achieve the result of the function and not 'requiring qualifications that are not relevant to the job', be realistic! Do not copy from the internet a job description which you think will be applicable to the job you are hiring but the actual function is not relevant to the position. Seek guidance from a professional consultant if you do not posses the competencies of developing actual Job Description for your position.

Plan ahead about candidate's availability for interviews whether via video-cam, telephone or onsite, brief and debrief candidates prior and post interviews, family matters that might affect the hiring such are relocation or may be immigration, time frame to begin work, and most importantly the candidate's current application activities. What are the current objectives and needs of the candidate? Beware of the patterns and trends of the personal application activities. One common error of inexperienced recruiter is not pre-closing and sustaining the high level of interest of the candidate to the job.

Given the conditions of the economy, the hiring team must be mindful that candidates are actively looking for the best employment opportunity. Many have been out of job from few up to many months. Be sensible with compensation offer, avoid underpaying your human capital. Invest on them to retain their quality of service and loyalty. Employees will not move to a competitor if employer values their competencies and abilities. Implement active hiring technique when a candidate who possess the competencies to the Job Requisition is found.

As a professional hiring practitioner, interview candidates at par. Discuss their competencies and capabilities. Learn their background and stimulate effective conversations to understand their strenghts and what they can do for the advancement of the organization. Avoid tactical activities like reading a resume alone. Be mindful, that resume is only a preview of the candidate's qualification. It does not illustrate concretely the complete expertise, competencies and qualification of the candidate. Conducting a consultative interviewing with the candidate will leverage your ability to decide and recommend whether the candidate is right for the job or better fit for another business unit within your organization. That is being strategic in regards to candidate screening and managing your hiring manager's expectations.

Professionals who think outside the box and strategically hiring the top talent and right candidate for any position are always spending time with candidates. Investing time in learning one's qualification, experience and competencies will provide better results and return of investment instead of wasting time in ticking your checklist whether or not the candidate possess the 'c++, web 2.0, MS Word knowledge or project skills'.

Observations about challenges of candidates on current hiring practices?
There is a complex irony about facts of unemployment and available jobs. Observing at job boards, job aggregators and corporate job webpages and every other sources of employment - there are many positions to be filled.

However, based on research and actual conversations with almost 1,000 candidates, 90 percent of candidates said - they applied to hundreds of positions in the last six months or longer but never heard of any call from any of these companies that were advertising opened positions. Approximately 2 percent confirmed, they had an interview but did not get an update. They struggled following up on results but the representative of the company they interviewed with did not return their calls. 8 percent received an email that they did not qualify. Majority confirmed receipt of the traditional and automatic reply sent by an applicant tracking system such as this;

"Thank you for applying for the xyz position, requisition number cx000123. We will review your application to match with the position requirements. We encourage you to continue to visit our jobs web site at to apply for other positions that may interest you. Also, don't forget to register for "Job Agent" to receive notifications for xyz opportunities that match your interests. We wish you success in your efforts to identify employment opportunities."

Doubts arise whether or not these advertised jobs were for real or just a recruiting technique to gain or attract resumes for future use?

Today, many companies have integrated in their human resources department an applicant tracking system that was meant to be a tool which capture all applicants to the job that is being recruited against - the resume database per se. The same tool was meant to support the reporting and compliance procedure of the staffing hr department. The HR personnel of many companies were convinced that making this tool as the only absolute portal to all candidates who will apply for any position, is the best practice.

The intent of this endeavor was purposeful. However its current functional role does not resonate a good practice of how talent acquisition should be. It became a gate keeper. At some extent, the applicant tracking system has become a shield of the recruiter from speaking with candidates directly. To many job seekers, it became a detriment to their advantage as a qualified candidate for a position. It also opened possibilities of risks on personal indentifiable information that can be a subject to identify theft.

The integrated applicant tracking system is prevalent in many websites of corporations or a job board. Some websites which integrated the applicant tracking system even require sensitive information such as "social security number". And this field is not optional. Where was the HR Manager when this system was integrated into their website? Is your organization keeping up with the best practices in the Human Resources Management?

Be Relevant, Sensible and Strategic:
In order to become relevant, sensible and strategic, the entire hiring team must be reflective about the valued hiring practices towards the human capital assets of the organization. Coping up with current practices that are in line with current state and federal regulations must be an absolute practice. Human Capital is about people. Be people oriented always.

Tools (Applicant Tracking Systems) are aids to do the job in compiling piles of resumes in a more efficient way and they are not a substitute of a human being who will negotiate with a fellow human being.  Both hiring representative and candidate must discuss the areas of responsibilities and capabilities in order to find the right individual who can execute / learn the expected function at the shortest possible time. This is why and how people work humanely and with respect to one another.  Not to be discriminated by an algorithmic search created by a single track of mind that eventually eliminate people with great background, skills, and qualifications. It is a loss of the hiring investments of organization that was facilitated by the poor business practice of a recruiter, hiring manager and Human Resources.

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JNTC Articles is a source of periodically written topics and announcements about many subject matters of expertise within JNT Consulting LLC for informational purposes only. It provides informative articles that may be useful to any size and type of organization and or for informational use of an individual.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Job: Director of Pharmacy Code: JNSC-090109

The Opportunity:
JNT Consulting is seeking an experienced Director of Hospital Pharmacy

Position: Director of Hospital Pharmacy
Location: South Carolina
Code: JNSC-090109

Oversees the pharmacy to see that patients pharmaceutical needs are effectively met.
Establishes policies and procedures, standards and objectives for the provision of services and coordinates with other departments to provide maximum level of service to patients and hospital staff. Responsible for all pharmacy operations, budget control, all pharmacy personnel, scheduling, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, on The Joint Commission Committee. Make sure pharmacy was compliant with all state and federal laws, Joint Commission Mandates, and 797 requirements for the IV Room

1. BS Degree in Pharmacy
2. Registered Pharmacist in South Carolina
3. 5 years of supervisory experience in a pharmaceutical setting
4. Or with Masters Degree + 2 years of supervisory experience
5. PharmD preferred + 2 years of supervisory position

About the Environment of the Opportunity:
The hospital has grown to a 286-bed, acute-care, medical center. The product of more than eight decades of work on the part of local physicians, community leaders and citizens, has a strong history of safeguarding the long-term health of this community.

Serving a six-county area, the medical center has a multitude of specialties and programs that offer state-of-the-art health care. It is accredited by The Joint Commission and offers a 24-hour emergency department, full range of high-quality medical services and proactive, community-wide wellness program for the area.

The medical center has experienced tremendous growth and stands ready to serve you with the latest advancements in medical technology while continuing to provide compassionate care.

This state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located near Columbia and Charleston, S.C., and is affiliated with two local schools of nursing and an allied medical technology college.

The Medical Center’s services include: comprehensive cancer treatment, inpatient psychiatry, inpatient rehabilitation, cardiac catheterization, cardiac rehabilitation, dialysis, endoscopy, health education and wellness, hospice, home health, lithotripsy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology (MRI, CT, mammography, ultrasound, vascular studies), radial keratotomy, obstetrics, sleep studies, sports medicine, surgery (inpatient and outpatient) and pediatrics.

The hospital is an equal opportunity employer. All individuals are entitled to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability, as required by state and federal law. It is committed to this philosophy and practice. All appropriate steps are taken to ensure equal opportunities in employment with respect to all personnel actions, including, but not limited to: recruiting, hiring, compensation, benefits, education and promotion/advancement opportunities.

Compensation: DOE (Depending on Experience)
Salary + Benefits
Incentives: Relocation Assistance + Sign On Bonus

Please submit your resume in word file to: and must indicate the position code: JNSC-090109 on your subject line and attach your resume.

All qualifying candidates will be interviewed by telephone for screening purposes. Succeeding steps will follow to those who will become strong candidate for the position.

NOTE: When your qualification will not match to all of the requirements of this position, your Resume will be put in our active database for future consideration of any employment opportunity. Thank you.

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