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USA: Healthcare: Attracting Employers to become the Choice for the Position

The Healthcare industry is accelerating their environments and one among the top priorities of the different facilities is staffing their organization with the right individual with professional competencies, including education, current certifications, continuing education and with appropriate resume.

For individuals who are seeking opportunities in any of the following healthcare professions, we can assist you in the search of your new career, prepare you for the interview, guide you in making your experience become the choice of the hiring manager by presenting your resume professionally.
1. Highlight your professional and technical competencies
2. Learn to interview interactively and strategically
3. Discuss what can you do in adding value to the hiring organization and not emphasizing your traditional skills

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We participate in the recruitment and placement of healthcare positions across the country:

1. Registered Nurses:
Registered Nurse: Responsibilities include assesses, plans, implements, evaluates and documents nursing care of patients in accordance with facility and departmental policies and in accordance with standards of professional nursing practice. This position is accountable for the quality of nursing services delivered by self or others who are under his/ her direction.Requires current RN license applicable to State where job will be performed or temporary RN permit, current CPR certification, ACLS, BCLS, etc. Must demonstrate effective communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. New Grads are encouraged to apply. Various Registered Nurses: (experienced one or more of the the following units: Med surg, ICU, Telemetry, Oncology, ER, Case Management, Cath Lab, Pediatric, Psychiatry, Director of Nursing, home health, long term care) - Night shifts preferred, Day Shifts.

2. Informatics Professionals:
Informatics Professional is responsible in working with end users, internal IT personnel and vendors to define the clinical requirements of the hospital’s system and resolve related problems. Expertise within software environments and platforms like: CERNER, EPIC, Pyxis, HBOC-Star, Care Manager, First Data Bank and ParRx software and others are ideal.

The emphasis will be on developing, maintaining and testing application software and assist in the support, training, and development of clinical software applications throughout the hospital system.

Areas of responsibility will include detail design of application (build tools, content, formats, etc.), requirements definition/specification, implementation and testing of new software, maintenance of existing software, and providing user support.

This position primarily interacts with adults and provides no direct patient care. All staff members must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to meet the physical, psycho/social, educational, safety, and related needs of the persons in the assigned work area.

There are positions under this category like:
a. Clinical Informatics Analyst
b. Pharmacy Informatics Coordinator
c. Clinical Coding and COmpliance
d. Nursing Informatics Coordinator

3. Physical Therapists:
Physical Therapists are needed in many areas of the medical field to treat and assist patients of all ages and abilities in orthopedic treatment center, hospital and rehabilitation clinic settings. Generally, physical therapists provide a variety of medical services to help individuals who have been injured or physically affected by illness to recover or improve function. A physical therapist must be able to evaluate a patient’s condition and devise a customized physical rehabilitation and treatment plan to enhance strength, flexibility, range of motion, motor control, and reduce any pain, discomfort and swelling the patient is experiencing. The various job responsibilities for a physical therapist are often physically demanding and require that most therapists be in good physical condition. Basic Requirement: Must possess a current Professional License in the State of Practice.

4. Occupational Therapists:
Occupational Therapist: Responsibilities will help patients of all ages who have limited abilities, establish, develop and/or maintain the ability to complete daily functions and tasks. Through regular therapy sessions, occupational therapists work one-on-one with patients, focusing on their individual needs to help them achieve improved quality of life and a sense of independence. Occupational therapy concentrates on ameliorating the physical, mental, social and emotional sources of patients’ disabilities. Typically, occupational therapist jobs are located in nursing care facilities, hospitals and private occupational therapy practices. Due to the often physically and emotionally demanding responsibilities of the job, it is ideal for occupational therapists to be in good health. Must have a current Professional License to practice at a particular work location and state.

5. Management Positions:
a. Nurse Supervisor
b. Pharmacy Director
c. Clinical Educator
d. Director of Women's and Infants
e. Medical Surg / ICU Manager
f. Asst Director of Emergency
g. Director of Case Management
h. Patient Care Manager

Competencies requirements for each position varies. Please submit your resume to:, one of our Staffing Specialist will review your qualification and then contact you for a telephone screening.

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All clients value your experience. Comensurate compensation will be available based on experience and qualification.

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