Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Global: International Updates: What's Happening?

Australia: International Trade
Recently, the Australian Business International Trade Services outlined several items to be considered when setting up a business in China.

Ms. Sara Cheng, Manager for Greater China, Australian Business International Trade Services identified that "Business set-up in China is a big project by itself, which requires financial and time commitments, business management knowledge and China expertise. Identifying a competent agent to manage the complex process will be a cost and time effective way to avoid potential pitfalls." Details about the Article is available at this link.

On another article, it illustrated the requirements about registering a company in China.
Ref: NSW Business Center,

Brazil: Experiencing Economic Growth
More and more international companies are opening their operations in the many cities of Brazil. This means that young professionals who would have planned to go abroad and search their international employment opportunities are staying in country.

There were indications as well that Brazilans who were living abroad are now returning to Brazil as there are employment opportunities that require their professional experience and qualifications.

Canada: Relaxed Visas and Opportunities for Permanent Residency
Recently, Diane Finley, Immigration Minister of Canada announced that "International students and skilled workers would be more likely to choose Canada if they knew their time and contribution to Canadian Society would assist in their eligibility to apply to stay permanently".

The Canadian government is in progress of establishing a programme that will facilitate the permanent residency of international skilled workers and students. It is hoped that this programme will come into effect in October.

Requirements for candidacy are: Professional experience, past education, English and or French Speaking Proficiency.

Strategic Observation: This initiative will surely increase human capital assets of Canada and will contribute to economic sustainability of the country.

China: Post Olympic
The logistical operations in Beijing are now returning to normal after the completion of the Olympics that was hosted by Beijing in the past weeks. However, the guidelines that were implemented prior to the Olympics are still in forced up to September 20th 2008.

Any inbound and outbound shipment in Beijing are still in strict and mandatory customs inspections. Deliveries of shipments are using shuttles and shuttle fees apply. These restrictions to operate trucks in the areas identified have caused backlog in Tianjin which most likely increased demurrage fees. It was initially announced that everything will resume normal after September 20th 2008.

Strategic Observations: If you have shipments that are anticipated to arrive or being delivered sooner than September 20th - don't panic as they will reach your destination a little longer that the normal calendar days. Most likely it will get delivered after Sept 20th or so.

Georgia: Cargo Delays and Travels
As an effect of the recent attacks in Georgia, there is a big disruption of cargo shipments deliveries. The international airport in Tbilisi has been temporarily avoided by international airlines. Officials are hopeful that it will only last for a week.

Jebel Ali, UAE - Delays Caused by Traffic
The Post in Jebel Ali in UAE is currently experiencing great delays of loading and offloading cargos due near full capacity operation. The delays affected ships from Asia and Europe that were meant to offload in Dubai Port. This port is the gateway access to the internal routes of the country such as air and sea transportation network.

Larger ships that can carry 8,000 containers at a time has to wait 24 to 30 hours in the queue in order to offload. Smaller ships has a longer waiting time as much as 90 hours.

Strategic Observations: You might consider the time element as an impact to the above consequences when shipping to any location that will pass through Dubai Port.

Kazakhstan: Foreign Citizens Registration
It is important that foreign citizens arriving in this country must register with the Police or with a License Hotel within 5 calendar days of arrival.

Foreign labor market and economic quota requirements will become available in December 2008.

Suggestions: Before you travel to Kasakhtan you will need to verify whether your hotel is Licensed for Registration of Foreign Citizens. In that way, you will strategically plan your time ahead.

Philippines: Angara at the Forum by Global Leadership for Climate Action
In Denver, Colorado, USA – Sen. Edgardo J. Angara told a forum here that fresh initiatives to combat climate change should likewise deal with the food shortages and poverty in developing countries, two grave problems in the developing world that are aggravated by extreme climatic shifts.

Angara made the call at a forum jointly hosted by the Club de Madrid, which is chaired by former US President Bill Clinton, and the Global Leadership for Climate Action, a United Nations Foundation founded by CNN founder Ted Turner. Angara was the only Filipino leader in that forum.

Angara said; "that violent typhoons and record-breaking monsoon rains have crippled rice and corn production in Southeast Asia. Extreme weather events have also turned rice production deltas in the region into watery graveyards for those killed by savage flooding."

To read the details of the Article, please click this link:

Ref: Manila Bulletin ( ), Aug 28, 2008.

United Kingdom: EU fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals (EIF) 2007
"The European Integration Fund is aimed at newly-arrived legal migrants (that is migrants who have arrived within the last 5 years) who are not asylum seekers, refugees, EU or EEA nationals and who have not come to the United Kingdom in a short-term visa category such as students."

The whole publication about EIF is available at EU Fund Link:
Ref: UK Border Agency,

USA: Labor Day Holiday
The United States is approaching the Labor Day Weekend Holiday. The Holiday which is officially on Monday, September 1, 2008. It is a customary practice among businesses in both private and public to close operations during this Holiday. There are some businesses however that remains open for public access.

Suggestion: Review your appointments on that day (September 1st 2008) as you may find that the office you will be transacting business will not be opened on that day.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seoul, S. Korea: Expatriates Enjoy New Initiatives

The Expatriates living in Seoul, S. Korea will enjoy the new initiatives around Seoul when the city launched an online English reservation system on August 1 2008.

According to JoongAngDaily; "The city has operated the Internet reservation system since March 2005, but there was no English service.According to Seoul officials, expatriates will only need to enter their name and alien registration number to make a reservation. The Web site is Payment can be made with a credit card online.

Under the new system, expatriates will be able to reserve 249 city-operated facilities such as the Jamsil baseball stadium in Songpa District, Mokdong Ice Rink in Yangcheon District, Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung District and Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo District. Tennis, basketball and badminton courts at all 12 Han River parks are also available."

“As the world becomes more global, we need to offer handy services to expatriates living in Korea,” said Seoul official Na Jeong-pa. Online English reservations for classes offered by the Seoul city government will be launched soon, he said. Source: By Park Sang-woo, Staff Reporter, email:, JoongAngDaily (

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Employment Opportunity: Aircraft Structural Engineer

JNT Consulting LLC is searching the qualified and experienced candidate for Aircraft Structural Engineer.

If you know someone with the qualification that we are looking for, please forward this information to your friend, family or co-worker. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced Aerospace or Mechanical Engineer with technical experience and knowledge in embraer environment.

Position Title: Structural Engineer (Aircraft)
Job Location: With Relocation and Immigration Benefits

Job Description:
Responsible for engineering activity relating to aircraft structures, related components, interior, and furnishings on aircraft. Support Line, heavy maintenance and modification of A320 / Embraer aircraft. Reviews aircraft problems and resolves these problems into various engineering modification and / or repair documents. Reviews various manufacturing manuals, service bulletins, and associated data in order to determine appropriate corporate action. Provides engineering assistance to Line Maintenance and business partners repair organization to facilitate aircraft operations, repairs, and / or maintenance.

Perform stress analysis, damage assessment, repair, and modification design. Develop and issue detailed work instructions and engineering drawings to accomplish minor and major aircraft structure repairs. Develop and issue engineering authorization to accomplish modifications and alterations to aircraft structures, components, and accessories. Evaluate damaged aircraft structure, parts, and provide solutions beyond the applicable manual limitation in accordance with the FAA and OEM requirements. Develop engineering procedures, standards, and process specification to comply with vendors / manufacturer S/B, Airworthiness Directives, and other FAA requirements. Coordinate engineering functions with regulatory agencies as required for approval for major repairs and alterations including the completion and forwarding of documents to support such approvals. Provide technical assistance to various departments in support of the day to day operation and provide troubleshooting support. Other assignments as directed by the Manager of Engineering.

Required Qualifications:

1. BS in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering degree with emphasis in aircraft structures
2. Five years of aircraft structural engineering experience with emphasis on Embraer in the airline industry
3. Competent in developing modifications and repairs to primary and secondary aircraft structures. Experienced in line and heavy maintenance onsite support
4. Five years of strong diversified experience on transport category aircraft, understand maintenance manuals, maintenance programs, and reliability programs
5. Demonstrate excellent verbal and writing skills with strong analytical abilities. Competent to communicate technical issues in an assertive way and tactful manner. Excellent command of both verbal and written English. French, Portuguese and Spanish verbal language proficiencies are a plus
6. Demonstrable project management competencies. Experienced in planning, implementation and administration of engineering programs and projects. Multi-task competencies in managing and coordinating tasks and projects simultaneously
7. Competencies to interact with a wide range of customer groups both internal and external. Computer literate Microsoft software such as Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Project.
8. Flexibility to work schedule is required including shift, weekend, and holidays.
9. Able to pass a 10-year security background check and a drug test.

Interested candidates and parties please submit your CV or Resume to: Code: JN0808-01

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