Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 has arrived - Best Wishes for Advancement & Prosperity

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At JNT Consulting LLC, we are very glad in welcoming the New Year 2010.   We wish each and everyone with the best option of opportunities, great health, better successes and growth.

As the New Year begins it is the best time to set our realistic expectations and strategic Plans of Action for FY 2010.

Sharing with you the following Ten Rules for FY2010 that will support Growth and Advancement:
1. To strengthen family relationships and intensify personal time with family instead of work.
2. To create a balance between family and work responsibilities, negotiate for more time and demonstrate love and affection with family.
3. To reflect on what are personal and professional goals for the entire year
4. To plan ahead with realistic expectations based on personal abilities and professional competencies. 
5. To review what went wrong, what were effective significantly in the past year.
6. To highlight the facts that contributed success and progress
7. To review the people in your database, eliminate and clean your network and acquaintances, remove and disassociate with those who are flakes
8. To strengthen relationships with professionals who demonstrated equal value and respect to you as they are the so called 'real  professional network'.
9. To strengthen the relationship with customers and continue greater partnerships for business retention.
10. To thank God with the opportunity of life and every blessing of which you receive continually.

With our best wishes to one and all.  More Success and Power! The Year 2010 will bring us greater opportunities through a 'Team Effort'

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