Friday, August 27, 2010

External HR Business Partner - Its Advantages to your Organization

Your current issues that were unresolved by your current employees in your HR Organization, will be addressed with a new breath of competencies, consultative and strategic techniques that solve your problems when you take advantage the value of External HR Business Partner from JNT Consulting.

The External HR Business Partner at JNT Consulting helps you manage the long term impact and business problems when resolved and devised with proper solutions that are associated with various business management directions.

What is the differentiator of External HR Business Partner to many HR functions today having the similar titles as HR Business Partner? For those managers who have experienced working with 'real' HR Business Partners, they can differentiate the output of someone with experiences in this strategic function. You can spot from a mile, someone whose position title is 'HR Business Partner' but does not know how to execute the function. This is because they do not have strategic mindset, approach and methodologies. Majority of their experiences were tactically and administratively focused. They perform support roles instead of sitting on the table as Partners in the Business. There are many HR professionals in the field whose positions are incognito as HR Business Partner but their responsibilities are ingrained with tactical administravia. This misleading practices in many organizations mock the professional competencies and credibility of those who are qualified to be called HR Business Partners and Practitioners.

A real "HR Business Partner Practitioner" is not a Generalist. The techniques used by HR Generalists are based on common practices and general knowledge adapted from different organizations and industry.

Instead, this External HR Business Partner Practitioner is highly consultative, a specialist, strategic minded with competencies integrating business expertise, organizational management in a big picture, the complex human capital management and resources, identify the ROI of people and overall business enterprise. Practitioners in the HR Business Partner possess the acumen of business understanding, financial and revenue planning, business objectives realization, strategic initiatives, people, staffing, programs and resources management, resolutions of issues and high level of competencies in human capital management. They are real partners to business owners, executive management, business units directors and managers. They provide both the intellectual and practical guidance towards the growth and advancement of the entire organization.

Top Seven Advantages why you work with us at JNTC:
1. Translate your business strategies and business goals into actions through HR initiatives that will drive your entire organizations
2. Develop leadership competencies among new, mid level and executive managers through workshops and professionally conducted coaching to accelerate effectiveness of teams, organization as a whole and accountability
3. Navigate the integration of partnerships among all players in all business units to advance the organization from tactical endeavors to strategically positioned and competitively evolving organization
4. Develop the competencies of HR professionals in driving their functions to become effective, strategically efficient as partner, demonstrate human capital competencies with every business units they support
5. Develop and co-implement effective programs that will reflect the business culture of your organization across units and drive these with proper communications, globally
6. Manage and direct the implementation of strategic sourcing and staffing that tap quality and retainable talents within your organization
7. Provide specifically designed solutions that will support your entire organization

Additional Insights:
In the Entrepreneurs’ June 2009 Issue, Dave Ulrich & Wayne Brockbank shared their perspectives about the evolution of HR Professionals become an essential parts of the business processes.

In The JuNcTion May 2005 Issue, Juntee Terrenal, MA, GMS presented the future and evolving role of HR Professionals who become integrated as decision contributors towards the directions of businesses.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pre-Hire Credit Check - Illinois' Employers prohibited by the New Law HB 4658

The new law in Illinois HB 4658 'Employee Credit Privacy Act' was signed into Law by Governor Pat Quinn on August 10, 2010. This  law will take effect on January 1, 2011.  Under this act, Illinoi's employers may not use a person's credit history to determine employment, recruiting, discharge or compensation.

This new Law forbids employers to execute a credit check of an applicant to a specific job by obtaining a credit history or credit report.  The Society of the Human Resources Management was quoted at the Press Release of the Governor Quinn's Office dated August 10, 2010 that it found 60 percent of  employers run a credit check on at least some applicants. 42 percent increase from 2006 data and 25 percent in 1998.

Governor Quinn emphasized, "A job seeker's ability to earn a decent living should not depend on how well they are weathering the greatest economic recession since 1930's. This law will stop employers from denying  a job or promotion based on information that is not an indicator of a person's character or ability to do a job well."

To read the complete details please click the link on the Press Release.


This Law is a great protection for any job seeker in Illinois from the unprecedented increased of employers' practices relating to Pre-Employment Credit Checks.

HR Professionals who are within the auspices of an Illinois employer must be mindful on the implications, limitations and penalties of this new Law. They should understand the particulars of this Law when they will exercise the option of using the Credit Check or Credit Report as a requisite  of a particular job.

However, employers who may be hiring a job seeker from Illinois for an employment opportunity outside the state of Illinois was not spelled in the Press Release whether or not the new law protects the job seeker from being inquired with Credit History or Report.

Generally, employers that demonstrate effective business practices however uphold the 'Non-Discrimination Laws' to protect any job seeker.

Be pro-active as an HR Business Partner in your organization.  Provide guidance to your Executives when making decisions pertaining to the management of people. If you don't have competencies of being an efficient HR Business Partner call us at JNT Consulting. Our External HR Business Partner expertise can be a great help to you and your organization.

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