Monday, June 30, 2008

US IRS Announced An Increased Mileage Rate Effective July 1, 2008 (IR-2008-82, June 23, 2008)

The US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) announced on June 22, 2008 an increase in the optional standard mileage rates for the final six months of 2008. Taxpayers may use the optional standard rates to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

The above announcement is in support to taxpayers on the increased fuel costs, automobile costs for business and other purposes, including moving. Beginning July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008, the new rates will be 58.5 cents per mile for business use, up from 50.5 cents, and 27 cents per mile for moving expenses, up from 19 cents.

This is an increase of eight (8) cents from the 50.5 cent rate in effect for the first six months of 2008, as set forth in Rev. Proc. 2007-70 The IRS usually adjusts the mileage rates once per year, but opted to do so this mid-year because the costs of fuel have increased dramatically in recent months.

To read in details please click on the link IRS Memo dated June 22nd 2008.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Global: Workshops Experiential Learning Environment

In March 2008, JNT Consulting rolled out its first set of Workshops for FY2008. The Workshops are focused on 'Global Relocation Management' and Global Expense Management'. To register for the August 2008 Workshops please complete the reservation form which can be downloaded from the website: JNT Workshops

A Workshop is a venue of learning that facilitates a dynamic interaction between attendees. The basic goals of a Workshop are: experiential learning, develop rapport and confidence, establish a forum, exchange ideas and experiences, utilize tools and materials that are relevant and as driver to learning, hands-on experience that will provide maximum understanding about actual practices that works.

JNT Consulting conducts Workshops that integrate Adult Learning Principles. Collaborative approach through experiential learning environment. It advocates productive process where professionals use their whole experience and transcribe these as their tool in achieving their business goals and objectives in support to their organizations.

Both Workshops are interrelated, however each will focus on different specialized endeavors, such as overcoming the nuances and challenges that provided unsuccessful relocation management, will identify the advantages of program management and understand its practical applications, current business practices, essential quality components and features, strategic approaches that defines business partnerships, technical knowledge which determines the roles of each involved party, the role of culture that impacts the whole business goals, the value of human element and their specific needs. Learning all of these through the Modular Approach Workshops will increase your professional competencies to manage successful relocation programs.

Other Workshops which will follow are: Global Taxation and Planning, Corporate Immigration Across Cultures, Hiring Competencies Internationally, Cross Culture for Global Workforce and other Human Resources areas. Watch out for additional details here at JNT Consulting Website:

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Global: Recruiting in the Global Economy Means Understanding of Cross Culture

Recruiting is a profession that is challenging and sophisticated. Professionals who have choosen this HR Function as their profession have exceptional talents and skills in identifying the best candidate for a position from the multitudes of applicants.

In January 2008, Juntee spoke before the Tucson Professional Recruiters Association about International Recruitment. He stressed that a compentency in Cross Culture is a must have by a Recruiter and other professionals working in the global world. In March 2008, he spoke before the Arizona Professional Recruiters Association with a focus on Professional Development of Recruiters and Human Resources Professionals. Cross Culture competency was mentioned as something to integrate into one's global competency. In our global economy the competency in cross culture is a must in order to become successful.

Cross Culture was also identified in JNT Consulting LLC Blog with a Title, "Cross Cultural Competencies Benefits Business Success" it quoted that; "One of the challenges in doing business in the global environment is the lack of understanding the simple yet common sense of cultural uniqueness of every cultural setting around the world."

An Article in Business Week got a title, "Headhunting Goes Cross-Cultural". A part of this article says "But world-class now means that executives must have cross-cultural sophistication and knowledge of markets outside their own." said, Joseph Daniel McCool, Headhunters Confidential June 5, 2008.

So what is ahead of everyone in this global environment? It is simply learning the means of comprehending and demonstrating the value of a cross-cultural competency. To become successful in our current Era one must have a sensible competence in working within a mutli-cultural setting.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Global: Advantages in Utilizing JNT Consulting As Your HR Consulting Company

An alternative option for your company to run smoothly especially when you don’t have an HR Team or an employed HR Manager is to have an HR Consulting Company whose expertise is to provide guidance about the challenges of Human Resource Management.

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A lot of companies acknowledge that their HR function is one of the most important business units. Ensuring that everything is running properly, the HR team has big responsibilities on their hands. If you don’t have an HR Team, your option is by getting the help of a consulting company - JNT Consulting, they can consult with you on a number of different things including employment and immigration law, the hiring process, the management of people and its technicalities, the appropriate practices surrounding staffing and they may also be able to provide you guidance with some applicable HR resources that may facilitate efficiency for your operational needs. Generally the consulting company will tell you how you can adjust to improve the running of the human resources department and increase higher efficiency in the running of the company.

Consultative HR Practice for your advantage

When you hire a consulting service, the HR Practitioner will begin by looking at the way your human resources function is currently run. A recommendation will be provided on how you can improve to save you money, time and to make the most of your HR management become efficient. They will show you exactly how various systems can help you to have a more productive function and they can also inform you of the latest employment and immigration laws. Keeping on top of such laws is important and it can save you a lot of hassle too. This type of guidance from an HR Practitioner like JNT Consulting LLC will provide you with minimal risks in running your business because you are heading towards a compliant operation.

Specifically, an HR consultant can help you by creating a customizable employment contracts. They can also develop or enhance your business and integrating your culture within the company handbooks which clearly identifies all guidelines to your employees. As an employer you have a duty to inform your employees’ rights and of the new updates of employment laws. Employees need to know the scope of policies, holiday entitlement, leave of absence, sick pay and other benefits available. An HR Consultant can add value to your HR organization by creating this booklet for you and in settings where there is no HR Manager or HR Team – Your HR Consultant will act as one.

There are lots of employers that cannot cope up with employment and immigration laws because they do not keep on top of it. Employment and immigration laws are constantly changing and if no one keeps track of them your company is at higher risks. HR Consultants will keep you informed of any changes that you need to be aware of. This will include I-9 compliance and management, export rules of controlled countries,immigration compliance where appropriate, minimum wage, mobility requirements and management, maternity leave, diversity and anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunities. Working with an HR Consulting Company will facilitate low risks and the avoidance of large penalties and settlement.

To sum it up, the human resources management function is essential in any company. If you like your company to be compliant and efficient, hiring JNT Consulting as your HR Consulting Company would definitely be a good idea.

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Planning Ahead and Use Your Life Compass

Oftentimes when people are in the cross-roads of their career, they stop and think ... am I in the right job? or am I in the righ direction? or Is my profession paying good enough to have sufficient funds where saving for rainy days is possible?

These questions will be summed up to 'Planning Ahead'. How do you plan ahead with your career? First, for anyone who is a US resident or citizen - completion of your High School is most ideal. Other countries, the concept of completing a High School and a Bachelor Degree is normal. Secondly, pursue an Associate Degree or something that will lead you to a money earning career. It could be a vocational education that is post high school. Thirdly, while working you will work hard to earn your Four Years Degree to join the ranks of Degree holders around you. Fourthly, obtaining an advanced degree is not at all bad. As this will lead you to become more competitive in any endeavor that you like to pursue at some future time. Having an Advanced Degree plus numerous experience will make you become indispensable in your career. Your directions are countless. It wil become a matter of navigating the best options for your own career and life.

In today's article in Yahoo Hotjobs it listed ten ideal jobs that can begin earnings from Fifty Thousand US Dollars per annum. To read the details click the link:

That is great if your interests are in those lines of professions. If your education and passion are not in those lines would it mean you cannot get at least 50K job? Finding a job that pays you with best opportunities are dependent on your skills and competencies. There are lots to learn and make yourself competitively compensated. There are however shortcuts to some degree of success. Some individuals are creative and use these schemes for their short term investments for success. In order to be more realistic about life, success is planned ahead with a long term intentions coupled with your personal values, education and experience.

Competitive professionals during this Era are continuously educating themselves through many professional development workshops and seminars that are offered by different organizations and institutions which advocate education to humanity. Specialized continuing education are available to individuals who holds Professional Designations in their specialized profession. Continue sailing onward, follow your life compass and choose the right direction. Evaluate your plans and career objectively. Be pro-active in what path you really want to go and do not forget the life-balance as an interactive human being, this is an important piece of life. You are not there only to work for someone but also to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment at the same time.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Global: Professional Development: A Boost to Your Competencies

During the current Era of Twenty First Century, Change has been a constant phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Regardless of your profession - there is always an impact of change.

While there are many individuals who are agents of change, there are individuals who can influence the dynamics and impact of change. Each of us plays a significant role in every change that affects our organizations or our own individual lives and profession. Regardless of the size and status of our organization or perhaps a certain lifestyle which we practice - we influence its landscape.

As a Professional, what options are you taking to continually gain additional learning and advancing your technical knowledge and expertise? In that way, you will achieve higher efficiency, successes and productivity.

For any reason, we continually progress for development and advancement. We thrive to gain additional knowledge that will enhance our perspectives. We become more indispensable to our current functions when we educate and advance ourselves with the current trends, practices and applications notwithstanding with the global demands of practitioners around us. We are in a better position to navigate greater responsibilities when we have the proper line of thoughts, correct experiences, appropriate common sense and mindset as a Professional.

Productivity and learning are synonymous when it comes to Professional Development. Workshops are empowering, experiential and executable. We advocate professional growth and development. We facilitate an adult and experiential learning in order to maximize the highest productivity that will assist you immediately when you get back to your work environment.

Professional Development is designed to increase competencies of every professional. Depending on your career and business goals, you need to be critical in determining what you need to further your capabilities. You have a lot of options to choose from. You also need to consider your personal learning style in order to make sure that you will maximize your learning abilities.

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Global: Cross Cultural Competencies Benefits Business Success

Competition is an absolute game in any business. Much more in our current generation where global operations of many small and big companies are extensively gaining their grounds. Arizona based corporations are not left behind. Entrepreneurs are now in the global market place as they are attracted with the possibilities of doing business in the international zone.

Because of opportunities and possibilities - the global market is the arena to compete.

Operating a business in an international zone is not as easy as cooking your favorite delicacy. It is complex and nerve-testing, by your patience, determination and abilities to combat challenges. One of the challenges in doing business in the global environment is the lack of understanding the simple yet common sense of cultural uniqueness of every cultural setting around the world. Each community, each country, every business and its operation whether big or small scale has its own set of features. When you begin interfacing in that zone - you will be challenged to face the nuances. This is because of inadequate knowledge and understanding the required competencies to operate within a micro-cultural environment. Your management and or technical skills to do your job is not the only requirement. Competence to assimilate, learn, interact and immerse into the culture of your target market play a bigger role than anything that you have thought about.

Business owners, expatriates, impatriates and individuals who were not culturally oriented, who have operated in specific country with their independent goals and objectives have experienced huge difficulties to adjust with their peers at work and at social settings, the work environment, the bureaucracies, the hierarchical differences, the magnitude of cultural barriers in order to fit-in at a given environment and most of all the lack of cultural awareness. All of these inadequacies have contributed to their failures, low productivity, higher risks of workforce turnover and losing return on investments.

Mobility of workforce have increased tremendously in the last three years. Business investors from different countries were equally mobile. People around the world are moving.

On the other hand, Human Resource Business Partners are trying to cope up with the demands of global workplace. In that way, they can support the needs of their mobile workforce. They too are challenged with the inadequate knowledge and competence to operate globally.

Within United States, there are very few companies that are source of quality education about culture. Cultural education that is impacting is not gained through attending a one day or two days seminar. It is not a time bound program of three weeks or two months. It is a program that will expand up to the time when the individual has gained certain level of proficiency and have gone through the period of Aculturization. This is an immersion based concept and process. Experiential learning is a great way in assimilating the cultural competencies but hands-on activity is the real scenario which will facilitate a maximum cultural adjustment.

There is a big task ahead of you. Increase your Global Competencies in order to gain better operational leadership and management portfolio of competencies in the infinite global market.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moscow: Russian Work Permits

The Moscow Federal Migration Service stopped accepting application for foreign work permits as of last week, per JNT Consulting’s Service Partner based in Moscow. The Migration Services did not specify the reasons for this action.

A similar suspension took place in September 2007 when local branches of the Federal Labor and Employment Services unexpectedly stopped accepting new applications. It was made clear later that it was due to quota issues.

Per recent reports, the Migration Service ordered the suspension as a part of the internal re-structuring, and it nearly filled the annual quota of work permits for foreigners based in Moscow. The quota per year is about 105,000 for non-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) citizens. It is not clear whether the suspension will affect all foreigners or just those from Non-CIS countries.

Applications submitted before May 26th will be processed. It is not clear how long the suspension will last. This means that Moscow-based companies cannot apply for work permits for their foreign employees. With the re-occurrence of similar problems it will become an operational and staffing challenge in the near future.

FYI: Upon arrival in Russian soil within 72 hours (excluding non-working days) you must register your visa. Without registering within the time frame you are risking yourself for penalties. Upon leaving the country you must un-register yourself and re-register upon return.

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Canada: Corporate Transfers R205(a), C12 - An Option

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations provides Specialized Knowledge Workers – R205(a), C12 Exemption. This type of visa is similar to the United States’ Intra-company transfer visa (L1).

The C12 work permit and corporate transfers is an attractive options for employers to transfer an employee from their corporate branch or subsidiary abroad to their corporate operation based in Canada. Provided the goal is to create or maintain significant social, cultural or economic benefits or opportunities for Canadians.

Sample of requirements are:
- Candidate must be Senior Manager/ Executive or Specialized Worker
- Exempt from HRSDC confirmation
- Canadian branch “is or will be doing business” in Canada and foreign country. Doing
business means regularly, systematically, and continuously providing goods and/or services by a parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada and the foreign country, as the case may be. It does not include the mere presence of an agent or office in Canada.
- Work Permit required
- Others, please request for guidance

The R204 Regulation will be applicable to employers that will fall under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), GATS (General Agreement On Trade in Services) and CCFTA (Canada Chile Free Trade Agreement) for countries like USA, Mexico and Chile. All others will have to follow the usual process for a Work Permit.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

USA: Nonimmigrant TN Visa Proposed Enhancement

In May 2008, the USCIS notified about the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) which intends to increase benefits of visa holders under the TN Nonimmigrant Visa. This type of Visa is provided under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which include Canada and Mexico.

NPRM intends to provide;
1. An increase of a maximum increments up to 3 years to remain in the US by a professional worker from Canada or Mexico. Currently, this is limited to one year and extended each year
2. Dependents of Primary TN Visa Holder will receive the same benefit (applicable to spouses and unmarried, minor children who meet the requirements of the nonimmigrant classifications as NAFTA dependents
3. Professional worker can remain in the United States before seelking readmission or obtaining an extension of stay

TN Nonimmigrant Visa is intended for a professional worker from Canada and Mexico with a minimum of bachelor degree or appropriate professional credentials listed in Appendiz 1603.D.1 to Annex 1603 of the NAFTA and under the DHS regulations at 8 CFR 214.6(c).

Final rule will be provided as soon as USCIS has completed the period required under the Federal Register. Additional information can be found at: and

=This proposed regulation will benefit the Employer/Petitioner, the visa holder and dependents enormously. The time and efforts spent on an annual extension of stay will be redirected towards increased productivity in the work environment.

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Global: The JuNcTion May Edition - On Learning

The May Edition of The JuNcTion illustrates the following;

�� Learning Will Result In Growth & Advancement Globally
�� Professional Development Workshops
�� Strategic Hiring of Foreign Nationals
�� Staffing Management Association
�� Global Tax Programs
�� International Students Programs

Jon Huntsman wrote in his book 'Winners Never Cheat' - "Leadership calls for a high degree of confidence that keeps many people from wanting to be in-charge of problematic situations".
Acknowledging the elements that are globally important such as time, culture and practice thus make you different as a global practitioner.

To read the content of The JuNcTion, please go to:

Global: Strategic Ways In Overcoming Low Retention

You need to look at your Staffing Programs and their roles which complement talent acquisition strategy: competitive benefits, compensation package, cultural orientation its impact to your overall organization or functional ranks or as an individual employee within a given environment or locale, how these talents are treated in both personal and professional level, career path within your organization - is there one? or there is none?, global mobility of new talents and the requisites to comply ... there are so many areas to look at in order to overcome high turnover.

The bottom line safeguard your investments through approaches that work and not pretentious.
Talents are now facing the competitiveness in a global community. If your company is not strategically competitive in the global market you will always be the revolving door of talents and your investments cannot be recovered at all.