Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Global: Advantages in Utilizing JNT Consulting As Your HR Consulting Company

An alternative option for your company to run smoothly especially when you don’t have an HR Team or an employed HR Manager is to have an HR Consulting Company whose expertise is to provide guidance about the challenges of Human Resource Management.

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A lot of companies acknowledge that their HR function is one of the most important business units. Ensuring that everything is running properly, the HR team has big responsibilities on their hands. If you don’t have an HR Team, your option is by getting the help of a consulting company - JNT Consulting, they can consult with you on a number of different things including employment and immigration law, the hiring process, the management of people and its technicalities, the appropriate practices surrounding staffing and they may also be able to provide you guidance with some applicable HR resources that may facilitate efficiency for your operational needs. Generally the consulting company will tell you how you can adjust to improve the running of the human resources department and increase higher efficiency in the running of the company.

Consultative HR Practice for your advantage

When you hire a consulting service, the HR Practitioner will begin by looking at the way your human resources function is currently run. A recommendation will be provided on how you can improve to save you money, time and to make the most of your HR management become efficient. They will show you exactly how various systems can help you to have a more productive function and they can also inform you of the latest employment and immigration laws. Keeping on top of such laws is important and it can save you a lot of hassle too. This type of guidance from an HR Practitioner like JNT Consulting LLC will provide you with minimal risks in running your business because you are heading towards a compliant operation.

Specifically, an HR consultant can help you by creating a customizable employment contracts. They can also develop or enhance your business and integrating your culture within the company handbooks which clearly identifies all guidelines to your employees. As an employer you have a duty to inform your employees’ rights and of the new updates of employment laws. Employees need to know the scope of policies, holiday entitlement, leave of absence, sick pay and other benefits available. An HR Consultant can add value to your HR organization by creating this booklet for you and in settings where there is no HR Manager or HR Team – Your HR Consultant will act as one.

There are lots of employers that cannot cope up with employment and immigration laws because they do not keep on top of it. Employment and immigration laws are constantly changing and if no one keeps track of them your company is at higher risks. HR Consultants will keep you informed of any changes that you need to be aware of. This will include I-9 compliance and management, export rules of controlled countries,immigration compliance where appropriate, minimum wage, mobility requirements and management, maternity leave, diversity and anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunities. Working with an HR Consulting Company will facilitate low risks and the avoidance of large penalties and settlement.

To sum it up, the human resources management function is essential in any company. If you like your company to be compliant and efficient, hiring JNT Consulting as your HR Consulting Company would definitely be a good idea.

This is not a legal advice but for informational purposes only.

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