Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moscow: Russian Work Permits

The Moscow Federal Migration Service stopped accepting application for foreign work permits as of last week, per JNT Consulting’s Service Partner based in Moscow. The Migration Services did not specify the reasons for this action.

A similar suspension took place in September 2007 when local branches of the Federal Labor and Employment Services unexpectedly stopped accepting new applications. It was made clear later that it was due to quota issues.

Per recent reports, the Migration Service ordered the suspension as a part of the internal re-structuring, and it nearly filled the annual quota of work permits for foreigners based in Moscow. The quota per year is about 105,000 for non-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) citizens. It is not clear whether the suspension will affect all foreigners or just those from Non-CIS countries.

Applications submitted before May 26th will be processed. It is not clear how long the suspension will last. This means that Moscow-based companies cannot apply for work permits for their foreign employees. With the re-occurrence of similar problems it will become an operational and staffing challenge in the near future.

FYI: Upon arrival in Russian soil within 72 hours (excluding non-working days) you must register your visa. Without registering within the time frame you are risking yourself for penalties. Upon leaving the country you must un-register yourself and re-register upon return.

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