Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Planning Ahead and Use Your Life Compass

Oftentimes when people are in the cross-roads of their career, they stop and think ... am I in the right job? or am I in the righ direction? or Is my profession paying good enough to have sufficient funds where saving for rainy days is possible?

These questions will be summed up to 'Planning Ahead'. How do you plan ahead with your career? First, for anyone who is a US resident or citizen - completion of your High School is most ideal. Other countries, the concept of completing a High School and a Bachelor Degree is normal. Secondly, pursue an Associate Degree or something that will lead you to a money earning career. It could be a vocational education that is post high school. Thirdly, while working you will work hard to earn your Four Years Degree to join the ranks of Degree holders around you. Fourthly, obtaining an advanced degree is not at all bad. As this will lead you to become more competitive in any endeavor that you like to pursue at some future time. Having an Advanced Degree plus numerous experience will make you become indispensable in your career. Your directions are countless. It wil become a matter of navigating the best options for your own career and life.

In today's article in Yahoo Hotjobs it listed ten ideal jobs that can begin earnings from Fifty Thousand US Dollars per annum. To read the details click the link:

That is great if your interests are in those lines of professions. If your education and passion are not in those lines would it mean you cannot get at least 50K job? Finding a job that pays you with best opportunities are dependent on your skills and competencies. There are lots to learn and make yourself competitively compensated. There are however shortcuts to some degree of success. Some individuals are creative and use these schemes for their short term investments for success. In order to be more realistic about life, success is planned ahead with a long term intentions coupled with your personal values, education and experience.

Competitive professionals during this Era are continuously educating themselves through many professional development workshops and seminars that are offered by different organizations and institutions which advocate education to humanity. Specialized continuing education are available to individuals who holds Professional Designations in their specialized profession. Continue sailing onward, follow your life compass and choose the right direction. Evaluate your plans and career objectively. Be pro-active in what path you really want to go and do not forget the life-balance as an interactive human being, this is an important piece of life. You are not there only to work for someone but also to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment at the same time.

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