Friday, June 20, 2008

Global: Recruiting in the Global Economy Means Understanding of Cross Culture

Recruiting is a profession that is challenging and sophisticated. Professionals who have choosen this HR Function as their profession have exceptional talents and skills in identifying the best candidate for a position from the multitudes of applicants.

In January 2008, Juntee spoke before the Tucson Professional Recruiters Association about International Recruitment. He stressed that a compentency in Cross Culture is a must have by a Recruiter and other professionals working in the global world. In March 2008, he spoke before the Arizona Professional Recruiters Association with a focus on Professional Development of Recruiters and Human Resources Professionals. Cross Culture competency was mentioned as something to integrate into one's global competency. In our global economy the competency in cross culture is a must in order to become successful.

Cross Culture was also identified in JNT Consulting LLC Blog with a Title, "Cross Cultural Competencies Benefits Business Success" it quoted that; "One of the challenges in doing business in the global environment is the lack of understanding the simple yet common sense of cultural uniqueness of every cultural setting around the world."

An Article in Business Week got a title, "Headhunting Goes Cross-Cultural". A part of this article says "But world-class now means that executives must have cross-cultural sophistication and knowledge of markets outside their own." said, Joseph Daniel McCool, Headhunters Confidential June 5, 2008.

So what is ahead of everyone in this global environment? It is simply learning the means of comprehending and demonstrating the value of a cross-cultural competency. To become successful in our current Era one must have a sensible competence in working within a mutli-cultural setting.

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