Saturday, June 21, 2008

Global: Workshops Experiential Learning Environment

In March 2008, JNT Consulting rolled out its first set of Workshops for FY2008. The Workshops are focused on 'Global Relocation Management' and Global Expense Management'. To register for the August 2008 Workshops please complete the reservation form which can be downloaded from the website: JNT Workshops

A Workshop is a venue of learning that facilitates a dynamic interaction between attendees. The basic goals of a Workshop are: experiential learning, develop rapport and confidence, establish a forum, exchange ideas and experiences, utilize tools and materials that are relevant and as driver to learning, hands-on experience that will provide maximum understanding about actual practices that works.

JNT Consulting conducts Workshops that integrate Adult Learning Principles. Collaborative approach through experiential learning environment. It advocates productive process where professionals use their whole experience and transcribe these as their tool in achieving their business goals and objectives in support to their organizations.

Both Workshops are interrelated, however each will focus on different specialized endeavors, such as overcoming the nuances and challenges that provided unsuccessful relocation management, will identify the advantages of program management and understand its practical applications, current business practices, essential quality components and features, strategic approaches that defines business partnerships, technical knowledge which determines the roles of each involved party, the role of culture that impacts the whole business goals, the value of human element and their specific needs. Learning all of these through the Modular Approach Workshops will increase your professional competencies to manage successful relocation programs.

Other Workshops which will follow are: Global Taxation and Planning, Corporate Immigration Across Cultures, Hiring Competencies Internationally, Cross Culture for Global Workforce and other Human Resources areas. Watch out for additional details here at JNT Consulting Website:

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