Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Employment Opportunity: Latin America Director of Operations

JNT Consulting is searching the qualified and experienced candidate for the Latin America Director of Operations for an expansion of business.

If you know someone with the qualification that we are looking for, please forward this information to your friend, family or co-worker.

Responsibilities will include the overall management of the business, sales, marketing. This is an excellent opportunity for a dynamic professional with technical experience and knowledge in electronics manufacturing environment.

1. Must posses a BS or BSEE Degree. MBA preferred.
2. Must be a strategic leader, team player with strong organization and can influence South American customers
3. Creative thinker, strong analytical , problem solving and decision making skills
4. Strong communication skills in both verbal and written
5. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English
6. Five to Seven Years of industry experience which include; Channel Sales, expansion partnerships and acquisitions, strategic growth and development
7. Strong relationship skills for key customers
8. Demonstrable entrepreneurial mindset, high energy, strategic planning, consultative and collaborative techniques and exceptional track record of managing Latin American Region

Compensation: DOE / Negotiable

For any inquiries about this position, please send your communication to: Code: JN0807-03

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Global: Important Pointers to consider prior to a new Community Immersion

There are times when we are assigned into a new place, city or a country. Our focus is our job tasks and responsibilities. Or perhaps the excitement to a new place and explore what are there for fun, activities, sceneries and people.

The following are suggested pointers:
1. Cultural Insights that navigate a new living style
2. Location, location, location
3. Points of transportation
4. Travel distance between points of responsibilities and interest
5. Housing amenities, its structure, regulations and limitations
6. Food sources
7. Location for Emergency Assistance
8. Educational venues for dependents
9. Community Amenities for recreation
10. Compliance to host city/ country laws, regulations that covers employment, global taxation and immigration
11. Secure professional guidance and assistance from experienced professionals when necessary
12. Communicate your thoughts, feelings, fears, reservations and successes
13. When applicable, assign a family member as the Household Manager to be the contact point and discuss matters that are important and small details that are essentials
14. Ask questions you don't understand
15. Keep important personal and professional documents in tact for immediate access

The above data points are found to be the most important pieces of information prior to any movement and transition to a new location regardless of cultural boundaries. 

Please contact JNT Consulting to guide and assist you with your current or future needs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Employment Opportunity: Investment Sales Executive

JNT Consulting participates in lowering the unemployment rates in the state and the country. This employment opportunity on Investment Sales Executive is being featured to encourage qualifying candidates to apply.

If you know someone with the background that we are looking for, please forward this information to your friend, family or co-worker. The details about this opportunity is available at JNT Consulting Career Page.

Position Title: Investment Sales Executive
Must be highly motivated, intelligent, independent self-starter with exceptional drive for success.
Approximately 25% travel required.

Master's Degree in Real Estate or
• MBA with a Real Estate License
• Experienced in Finance and Real Estate
• Demonstrable passion and success in "hunting" new business and closing new deals
• Autonomous self-starter, ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Highly organized

For inquiries about this featured employment please send to: Attn: Featured Career

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Employment Opportunity: Conversational English Instructor

JNT Consulting participates in lowering the unemployment rates in the state and country. This employment opportunity on Conversational English Instructor is being featured to encourage qualifying candidates to apply. This is an opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment and experience a different culture of people who speaks different languages.

If you know someone with the background that we are looking for, please forward this information to your friend, family or co-worker. The details about this opportunity is available at JNT Consulting Career Page.

Position Title: Conversational English Instructors
• At least Three Years Education from a University or College
• First language must be English
• Speaking proficiency level as a Native Speaker
• Demonstrable spoken linguistic skills with clarity as a Native Speaker
• Must pass the Spoken Linguistic Competency Test
• Personable, intelligent, competent, fast learner and trainable if no experience*

*Inexperienced but Trainable individuals can enroll into a CEI Competency Workshop prior to actual application. This Workshop will provide you with techniques and methodologies that will give you the competencies in performing the job.

For inquiries about this featured employment please send to: Attn: Featured Career

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

USA - IRS Warning To Taxpayers About IRS Scammers

Today, the US Internal Revenue Service warned all Taxpayers in regards to IRS Scammers.

"Taxpayers to be on the lookout for a new wave of scams using the IRS name in identity theft e-mails, or phishing, that have circulated during the last two months. In May and June alone, taxpayers reported almost 700 separate phishing incidents to the IRS. In 2008 so far, taxpayers have reported about 1,600 phishing incidents to the IRS."

“Taxpayers should take steps to keep their personal information out of the hands of identity thieves,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. “That includes not falling for any of the phony e-mails or faxes now in circulation pretending to come from the IRS.”

How will this affect you? It is a matter of being vigilant and cautious on what information you are conforming to. You do not need to volunteer your personal information to anyone whom you do not know and aware of the transactions that is happening. Implement a validation process before you answer and provide anything.

Suggestion: Request the caller's name, company and telephone number as you will need to return the call as you are in the middle of something. Once you got the information, call back the number and speak with the person whose name was provided. You will be able to validate the caller's info and number whether it is real or not. Of course, you will need to do your best judgement and do your diligence.

Other alternative options are available at the IRS Website. To read the details about the latest IRS Memo - IR-2008-088, please click on the link Scammers Use e-Mail, Fax to Pose as IRS


Monday, July 7, 2008

Global: Expatriate Living & Its Challenges

Expatriate Living in another country has a lot of challenges. It entails many tasks that you have never come across unless you have a prior experience. As a green horn in the expatriate community you are challenged with identifying the right information. Yes the internet is widely open and you can find anything but the main point is... which ones are correct and which ones are not;

There are a lot of things involve when you uproot yourself from your current living location to another part of the world. These are visas to enter and for employment purposes, current home management, transporting personal stuff, deficiency of cultural knowledge, favorite food, new home, temporary living style and convenience, hobbies, pets, driving license, bank account, medical information and sources, personal insurance, dependents, period of adjustments, survival coping skills and many more.

What is the best way to implement your plans? Approach someone who have experienced this kind of lifestyle. Inquire about the challenges, the advantges and disadvantages. Identify to yourself the value of this experience for your personal fulfillment or growth. Set a short term goal and long term goal as both will help you achieve a balance to your lifestyle being an Expat.

Dependents are crucial pieces of Expatriate Living. One of the most effective tool that make dependents happier is the implementation of a Cross Cultural Training to all parties. This will provide a pre-transitional adjustments and setting up of expectations. It will facilitate a better behavioral approach to adjustments. If the family member is happy - the expat can concentrate on job functions rather than easing up family's uncomfortability.

There are expats who were assisted with their relocations by third party companies procured by their Human Resources Department. These companies were meant to ease the challenges of every aspect of the relocation and transitional lifestyle of the Expat. Experiences of an Expat varies based on the level of service procured and provided by his/her employer. At certain aspects there were shortcomings of the service providers that were authorized by their emplohyer. When these arise - it creates a multitude of stress on the part of the relocating parties.

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