Saturday, February 26, 2011

Insights that will facilitate Effectiveness

Case # 1 - How effective your training design that will reflect maximized learnings from school and 'real life'?

In order to successfully design a successful training per se .. I would say begin with having a clear landscape on the following;
1. who are the recipients of the course?
2. what materials are available within the reach of your organization and your recipients?
3. what are the ultimate results of the course?
4. what are your recipients' competencies?
5. what are the needs that you are addressing with the course?
6. what are the techniques and venues that you have at your disposal to maximize learning?
7. how would it be implemented based on your learning objectives?
8. how are the learnings be leveraged by trainees at their real world and why?
9. what is the ROI of your course?
10. what are the metrics in validating progress, results and adjustments?

Defining each of the ten items may be challenging if your professional competencies are inadequate. There is always a room for self learning and discovery. Can request the help of more experienced professionals for guidance.

When you have all these data, there is no reason of inability to demonstrate a strategic and realistic training curriculum and design. And all your attendees will be happy and can say, they learned significantly from the sessions.

Case # 2 - I found  a candidate from other locations, My team likes to hire the candidate but don't have the right ideas, concepts and strategies in executing it successfully!

Acknowledging facts that you don't have the actual policy or program or competencies in executing your needs is a virtue for your self and organization. Seeking the guidance of a professional expert and experienced consultant is your best approach.

Relocating someone is not a matter of carrying or moving a luggage and driving a car from one point to another point.  There are many other factors to be considered that will set the right emotional stability and psychological readiness of the new hire to become productive.

A package of offer that include relocation is necessary. Seek guidance in putting together the essential pieces of a competitive offer in order to win the interest of a top talent.  Consider this approach as the "first immersion and experiential learning of the candidate about the passion of your organization in presenting care and support to a new corporate citizen".  The perception that this approach will provide during the negotiation stage with a top talent will be a milestone for your organization.

However, do not misjudge that having the right package is already a great achievement when accepted.  You are only starting.  How you support the offered package to a smooth experience is another challenge.  Because you don't have the competencies of executing such. It would be essential to partner with your consultant and collaboratively pursue a smooth experience at every piece of the package up to the point of the  week one at work. When your new hire tells his new friends, family and acquaintances that he was really impressed with the experience that he/she had during the relocation process and all parts went smoothly.  At that point you are in heading to a great ROI. That experience is now a marketing campaign for your organization. The new hire is your new ambassador who will tell 'how great you are'.


The Rule of Thumb, call an experienced professionals who will assist you from the development up to implementation and management of your business needs or have your answers get validated. Having an experienced partner that will guide you to the right direction will be a better investment than working with a green horn where later on you need to redo some inputs if not all.

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