Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Solutions for Effectiveness Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Inefficiencies

The comprehensive package of solutions will transform the growth and advancement of client's organizations. These solutions cater to any size of organization whether privately or publicly operating regardless of locations.

JNT Consulting practices a sound consultative approach by listening and understanding the client's business needs. Implements specific business techniques that address the identified challenges. The initiatives will integrate and reinforce business culture and align to client's business strategic goals. JNTC Consultant collaborates with all team members to effectively achieve deliverables and successful results.

The Overview of Workforce Solutions that our clients benefit from their results.

1. ReloNavigator - Global Mobility, Immigration, Culture and Destination Services

©JNT Consulting

2. Strategic Technical Sourcing & Staffing Management

Having a strategic partner in sourcing and staffing, as a resource will give you peace of mind in your organizational setup. In this way, you will become an employer of choice for the top talents and you gain top talents and employees who can do the job and support your overall business goals. We search for the 'A' talents with exceptional experiences that will optimize competitiveness in your organization.

©JNT Consulting

3. Outsourced External HR Business Partner
This is an external service that will execute the function within the organization and will facilitate compliance management to regulations while your efforts will be focused in other business matters. As your HR Business Partner, our acumen in strategic and consultative business integrate human capital management expertise in addition to the usual human resources practice that are focused on generic yet tactical activities. Smaller and any type of organizations can take advantage with this solution.

©JNT Consulting

4. Standards & Initiatives - Policies, Programs and Curricula Development
Providing you with consultative guidance and development of your initiatives and policies  that will support advancement, inclusive culture, retention and productivity of your employees. Will help you in transforming your existing policies to become current, integrate best practices, compliant to rules and regulations and or morph it into a program that will enhance effectiveness and facilitate strategic growth.

©JNT Consulting

5. Learning & Growth - Coaching, Organizational & Team Development
Growth is facilitated through learning, and expertise provide the right course to the development of your organization and teams. Professional techniques of experienced coach and trainer will increase and develop competencies, acquisition of technical knowledge and efficiencies. Language proficiency bridges effective communication.

©JNT Consulting

6. Corporate Immigration, Technical Management and Compliance

The Corporate Immigration & Management provides a strategic and consultative utilization of effective program management by managing setup and organization, corporate compliance, multiple processes, requirements and documentation, compliance to rules, regulations and laws, and liaising between agencies in relation to hiring foreign workers under Specialty Occupation through sponsorship.

It covers the development and/or enhancement of existing policies, programs and or guideline, compliance to Immigration Laws, Labor and Employment Laws, the Deemed Export License and Tax Regulations (where applicable);

In addition, it will determine budget for each business case, management of cost, management of the entire program including all parties involve, uniqueness of each case, cross cultural sensitivity, evaluation of the processes, and measurement of success.

©JNT Consulting
There are challenges in every business. Whether you are a small business owner, medium or a big organization, there are times when you need someone to help you in resolving issues, advancing your current setting and operational scope. You don't know where to begin and how to become effective, as well as compliant to rules and regulations. This is because of your limited knowledge  and experiences on a particular business needs. When you are at this 'junction' in your business environment, do not hesitate to call on a helping hand with knowledge and expertise that will assist you in passing these predicaments. It is best to partner with someone who is experienced in the areas of needs than working with a 'green horn' in the field and only to find out that there were missed areas because of equally inexperienced person that helped you.

At JNT Consulting we provide full resources in Human Capital and Resources Management. We will be happy to be your Partner during your growth and advancement. Contact us at any time to discuss your current challenges. Our number is (650) 241-3207 or send us an email to:

We listen actively and understand how we can help you.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jobs: Technical Engineering Opportunities

New Opportunities in Technical Engineering!

JNTC Careers is seeking experienced engineers who will participate in the development and growth of dynamic clientele.

The details of position requirements can be found at JNTC Careers - Technical Engineering

Please submit resumes per instruction. All resumes will be reviewed accordingly.

Another option to access immediate employment is through the assistance of JNTC Careers, a strategic recruiting sourcer or staffing researcher. JNTC Careers, have direct source of unpublished positions not available at the career websites of employers.

Check the list of Technical Engineering positions that JNTC Careers are sourcing and researching. If the position is relevant to your qualifications and background, each job seeker will submit their resume to the email address provided. Your qualification will be matched to the current positions. Someone will contact you to review your background and understand your interests and career plans.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Influencing Teams on Customers Business Needs

In every business, there is always a functional responsibility among team members regarding communications, interactions and maintaining relationships with clients or customers. The question is how often someone needs to communicate with a particular client or customer? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ask each of your team members to complete the following open statements to test their responsibilities on relationships with customers or clients. 

     1. Our clients / customers would be happier if we will be able to ….. 

     2. Our clients / customers would be happier if we would be a little less …. 

The above knowledge test can be conducted during a team meeting or during a group meeting with random inquiry to any team member. 

Maintaining interactive relationships and results oriented experience among clients or customers are essential. However, they would be happier when your pro-active pulse checks on their business needs are always there. Knowing their dos and don’ts while doing business with them is always a win-win strategy. When they are happy in doing business with you, they will come back, continue or retain in working with you. 

Sharing with us the knowledge test output from your team members on how much they know about your clients or customers would be appreciated. Please feel free to send your comments at the section provided below or email it to: 

Both questions were paraphrased from Donald Cooper’s June 2011 E-Newsletter. Donald Cooper, MBA, is a management speaker and coaches internationally on marketing, management and business excellence. His website can be found at -

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