Friday, July 15, 2011

Interviewing Biases Disengage Effectiveness

Question and Answer:

Question: Are biases during the interview can be eliminated or reduced?

Juntee Terrenal Answered:

"Good question, however these biases cannot be reduced or eliminated until demonstrated 'ignorance of interviewers' will be removed and be replaced with the' ethical and correct interviewing practices' at the interviewing table. Ignorance can only be eliminated through education, training and learning. Should there is a qualified Trainer at the HR Training Section, this Trainer must be responsible in making sure that all parties involved during the interviewing period must be educated properly with the correct and appropriate knowledge, techniques and employment-related content focus prior and during the interview.
Many have identified main causes of interviewing biases. In addition, it is also the misrepresented concept of 'cultural fitness of the candidate'. Today, majority of organizations are riding on this band wagon of a pre-conceived behavior 'cultural fit'. With that mindset of interviewer prior to the interviewing time, one's readiness to a bias activity was at hand. Hence, many managers do not take the time to learn the techniques of fielding an applicable or not applicable question to an interviewee during the interview."

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