Monday, July 18, 2011

Influencing Teams on Customers Business Needs

In every business, there is always a functional responsibility among team members regarding communications, interactions and maintaining relationships with clients or customers. The question is how often someone needs to communicate with a particular client or customer? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ask each of your team members to complete the following open statements to test their responsibilities on relationships with customers or clients. 

     1. Our clients / customers would be happier if we will be able to ….. 

     2. Our clients / customers would be happier if we would be a little less …. 

The above knowledge test can be conducted during a team meeting or during a group meeting with random inquiry to any team member. 

Maintaining interactive relationships and results oriented experience among clients or customers are essential. However, they would be happier when your pro-active pulse checks on their business needs are always there. Knowing their dos and don’ts while doing business with them is always a win-win strategy. When they are happy in doing business with you, they will come back, continue or retain in working with you. 

Sharing with us the knowledge test output from your team members on how much they know about your clients or customers would be appreciated. Please feel free to send your comments at the section provided below or email it to: 

Both questions were paraphrased from Donald Cooper’s June 2011 E-Newsletter. Donald Cooper, MBA, is a management speaker and coaches internationally on marketing, management and business excellence. His website can be found at -

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