Saturday, June 12, 2010

JNTC: Policies, Programs & Curricula are Solutions Guide to Effectiveness

Providing you with consultative guidance and development of your policies and curricula that will support advancement, diversity and inclusive culture, retention and high productivity of your employees.

This solution will help you in transforming your existing policies to become current, integrate best practices, compliant to rules and regulations and morph it into a program that sustain effectiveness and growth.

Scope of the Service:

 Policy Handbook, Guidelines, Process & Procedures

 Strategic Staffing: Recruitment & Hiring Processes Mapping

 On-boarding Techniques

 Corporate Immigration (Nonimmigrant & Immigrant)

 I-9, H1-B Public File, AEC Perm

 Global Mobility & Management

 Diversity & Inclusion

 Performance Management

 Training Curricula & Syllabi

 Coaching

 Travel

 Other specific needs


Whether you are a small business owner or a big organization, there is a time when your needs for growth and advancement become apparent. You do not know where to begin and how to become compliant to rules and regulations. May be as a part of growth and advancement, you don't have the necessary experience on a particular business needs.

At JNT Consulting we provide full resources in Human Capital Management. We become your Partner during your growth and advancement. Contact us at any time to discuss your current challenges. Our number is (650) 241-3207 or send us an email to: .

We will be happy to listen and understand how we can help you. The scope of this solution is based on identified actual need. Each item is independent from each other.

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