Saturday, June 12, 2010

Solutions for Effectiveness Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Inefficiencies

The Competitive Workforce Solutions provides a comprehensive package of useful solutions that will assist the growth and advancement of client's organizations. These solutions cater to any size of organization whether privately or publicly operating regardless of locations.

JNT Consulting practices a sound consultative approach by listening and understanding the client's business needs. Strategic solutions that address the identified challenges will be developed. The initiatives will integrate business culture and align the same to client's business strategic goals. During the implementation of deliverables, JNTC Consultant collaborates with all team members to effectively achieve successful results.

Overview of Competitive Workforce Solutions that our clients are benefiting from their results.

1. External HR Business Partner
This is an external service that will execute the function within the organization and will facilitate compliance management to regulations while your efforts will be focused in other business matters. As your HR Business Partner, our acumen in strategic and consultative business integrate human capital management expertise in addition to the usual human resources practice that are focused on generic yet tactical activities. Smaller and any type of organizations can take advantage with this solution.

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2. Strategic Sourcing & Staffing
Having a strategic partner in sourcing and staffing, as a resource will give you peace of mind in your organizational setup. In this way, you will become an employer of choice for the top talents and you gain top talents and employees who can do the job and support your overall business goals. We search for the 'A' talents with exceptional experiences that will optimize competitiveness in your organization.

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3. Standards & Initiatives - Policies, Programs and Curricula Development
Providing you with consultative guidance and development of your policies that will support advancement, inclusive culture, retention and productivity of your employees. Will help you in transforming your existing policies to become current, integrate best practices, compliant to rules and regulations and or morph it into a program that will enhance effectiveness and facilitate strategic growth.

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4. Learning & Growth - Coaching, Organizational & Team Development
Growth is facilitated through learning, and expertise provide the right course to the development of your organization and teams. Professional techniques of experienced coach and trainer will increase competencies, acquisition of technical knowledge and efficiencies. Language proficiency bridges effective communication.

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5. ReloNavigator - Global Mobility, Corporate Immigration and Destination Services

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Whether you are a small business owner, medium or a big organization, there is a time when your needs for growth and advancement become apparent. You don't know where to begin and how to become compliant to rules and regulations. May be as a part of growth and advancement, you don't have the necessary experience on a particular business needs.

At JNT Consulting we provide full resources in Human Capital Management. We become your Partner during your growth and advancement. Contact us at any time to discuss your current challenges. Our number is (650) 241-3207 or send us an email to:

We will be happy to listen and understand how we can help you.

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We partner with you to provide the right "Competitive Workforce Solutions" that meet your business and cultural needs. With a highly experienced international team and a global network of partners, we have the right expertise to manage your organization’s mobile workforce globally.

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