Thursday, June 10, 2010

The global mindset that makes a difference: JNTC Guides YOU

Oftentimes, there is a mindset that operating in the international zone is easy. Yes, that is possible if you have all the knowledge, actual or hands-on experience and have done your homework in doing business at your target location. Without exploring and learning the essential pieces and you just plunge yourself into the area - it will catch up with you eventually and troublesome headaches will come one after the other.

JNT Consulting can guide you through from the basics to advanced level that you will need to be aware of. The competencies and hands-on experiences of  JNTC's entire team of global professionals are demonstrated through business ethical practices and utmost care to client's business needs. Our competitive Workforce Solutions will provide you the guidance, peace of mind and organizational effectiveness.

JNTC Articles is an online collection of written strategic resources that provides additional window of knowledge and venue of learning about some essential information that may be useful to your organization and or professional practice growth.

However, when you are browsing the articles, please be aware that because of continuous improvement and recent office relocation - some of the earlier articles have a different links and those links may be dead. We have tried to make all these links become current however, there will be one or two links that were missed. With our apologies, we would like to hear from you if you come accross of any link that is not available.

We moved to a new office location. Please note of our current contact information so you can communicate with us in time.

JNTC Careers is a resource that provides qualified candidates an access to the avenue of an employer of choice, that will support professional growth, advancement and fulfillment of one's career. Submit your resume to: for future opening consideration if there is no matching position at the moment. 

For any consulting needs, call us and we will discuss your needs, when your needs are seemingly different  we will be glad to devise an applicable solution for your current organizational business need. Our practice as experienced consultant, we listen, discuss and collaborate with you about your current problems, needs and issues. Through collaborative discussions will direct us to craft a solution that will translate your concerns into a successful result of your business goals.

As a small business owner, there are times when your needs for growth and advancement become apparent. You do not know where to begin, hiring additional staff, how to become compliant to rules and regulations in many aspects of the business, increase staff competencies and leadership development, reflect a high performing, engaging and effective organization.

At JNT Consulting we provide a full resource of Outsourced Human Capital Management.  Our Competitive Workforce Solutions will give you the ability to concentrate in managing your business and revenue growth while you let us manage your Human Resources and Compliance to regulations and different laws, whether in country or in the international zones. We become your HR Business Partner during your growth and advancement. You don't need to hire an HR employee as we will perform the function effectively on your behalf.

When you as an active and ambitious individual become mobile in relation to work and or in a segment of your professional personal growth. At JNT Consulting, we have the global program called ReloNavigator. This will provide you the entire solution for your mobility challenges. From planning to destination adaptation and then return to original location after a given period.  Have not lived at your target destination? Discuss with us about 'Cross Cultural Workshop and Coaching' - a vital competency acquisition that will make you become sensible and locally adaptable at your new location. You only need to communicate with your assigned Consultant and concentrate on your other personal matters  instead of acting as coordinator to your own relocation needs with different service providers.

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