Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Global: Important Pointers to consider prior to a new Community Immersion

There are times when we are assigned into a new place, city or a country. Our focus is our job tasks and responsibilities. Or perhaps the excitement to a new place and explore what are there for fun, activities, sceneries and people.

The following are suggested pointers:
1. Cultural Insights that navigate a new living style
2. Location, location, location
3. Points of transportation
4. Travel distance between points of responsibilities and interest
5. Housing amenities, its structure, regulations and limitations
6. Food sources
7. Location for Emergency Assistance
8. Educational venues for dependents
9. Community Amenities for recreation
10. Compliance to host city/ country laws, regulations that covers employment, global taxation and immigration
11. Secure professional guidance and assistance from experienced professionals when necessary
12. Communicate your thoughts, feelings, fears, reservations and successes
13. When applicable, assign a family member as the Household Manager to be the contact point and discuss matters that are important and small details that are essentials
14. Ask questions you don't understand
15. Keep important personal and professional documents in tact for immediate access

The above data points are found to be the most important pieces of information prior to any movement and transition to a new location regardless of cultural boundaries. 

Please contact JNT Consulting to guide and assist you with your current or future needs.

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