Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Competitiveness & Strategic Competence - Differentiator of New HR and Business Partner

     Competitiveness is an illustrative capability of "high performing organization" in conducting strategic and actionable undertakings that differentiates you in the market regardless of status, time, industry and location. 
     Being competitive, it drastically change the dynamics in achieving your business goals.  The competencies that you will utilize are the facilitators and objective influencers to your results.

Four Specific Categories of  Business Values that will make you become competitive in any market today and in the next decade?
1. Competencies: strategic skills, decision making, problem solving, expertise, consultative, experience
2. Behaviors: like-able, pragmatism, awareness, listener, team player, initiative, persuasive, common sense sensitivity
3. Capabilities: negotiator, communicator,  leadership, development, concretizing the concepts into realistic actions
4. Results: ROI, objective, advancement, retention, productivity, creativity, strength, empowerment

     When you apply the Four Specific Categories in your business practices on a day to day basis. Your results will be objectively different because of your drive and passion.  Today, the shift is dramatically increasing from traditional concepts, the usual approaches and techniques within the auspices of 'assembly line mindset' towards more radical methodologies in transcribing realistic scenarios. 


     Within the Strategic HR and Business Partner, the Practitioner will negotiate, discuss and solve the identified issues, enlighten current practices, review the entire landscape, device specific steps necessary to take, illustrate mechanics of handling hurdles and challenges that will be affecting and or may be influencing the results, review the strategies of each component, looking through the clarity of understanding among people who participate in the business, provide workshops that are meaningfully useful immediately after the sessions, feedback handling and managing conflicts, evaluate the structures, mapping and procedures whether or not they demonstrate openness to flexibility, growth and advancement. Advocate of common sense and integrating ethical business practices, return on investments and risks among people across business units, reinforce gaps of competencies that will increase efficiency, higher productivity and bottom lines. 

     JNT Consulting utilizes the integrated business values in delivering right solutions to the business needs of their clients.

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