Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you looking for Competitive Workforce Solutions?

There are times in your day of the week that you are challenged in your current function. Contributing Factors might be any of the following: short of staff, ineffective organizational setup, using old policies, there are no programs that exist, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, performing a function without career path planning, cross culture issues, new hire and on-boarding, immigration and visas, relocation of employees, there are no applicable curriculum or session plans, and may be a new concept that is being added in your responsibilities.

In every organization, whether what type and nature of your business. There are always moments that you will experience these challenges. It is a good idea to keep our contact information available to you at any time.
When you are experiencing any of the above, It is suggested that you will call for some assistance and guidance at +1 650 241 3207.

Our consultative and collaborative approaches will be beneficial to you and your organization. We will partner with you while we learn about your existing organizational issues, listen and understand your current business needs then we will recommend appropriate actions that will eliminate your challenges and problems.

In that way, you will be equipped with greater competencies in running your organization whether small or big at any location. JNT Consulting is your Guide and Partner in achieving greater success.

What are specific business values that will make you become competitive in any market today and in the next ten years?
1. Competencies: strategic skills, decision making, problem solving, expertise, consultative, seasoned
2. Behaviors: like-ability, pragmatism, awareness, listener, team player, initiative, persuasive
3. Capabilities: negotiator, communicator,  leadership, development, concretizing concepts to actions
4. Results: ROI, objective, advancement, retention, productivity, creativity, strength, empowerment

Read some of the suggested solutions at the link of Competitive Workforce Solutions 
For any querries, please do not hesitate to call 1 650 241 3207 or send us an email at: info@jntconsulting.com
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