Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Pointers of Self Value

What makes a difference in today's economic challenges in relation to personal and career needs?  

The concepts in the above question are interrelated with each other. When you were affected with a job lay off, bankruptcy of an organization you have invested most of your lifetime,  real estate bubble explosion, has been unemployed for longer period than you have anticipated, lost your home. The impact  of the economy was so great and demeaning to oneself.

The economy is still sluggishly struggling. The unemployment rate is still very high to 9.6% according to the recent August 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. 

Finding the 'real opportunity' is a challenge. Career opportunities are nowhere to be found. Jobs are unrealistic and selfishly driven by combined responsibilities of two people that were merged into one role, are becoming baits to abusive business practices. Employers are taking advantage of people's experiences by paying them lower than what is commensurate. Employers who put their new hires into an extended probationary period as means to avoid paying corporate benefits. There are organizations that expect their workforce to work more than ten hours a day and seven days a week under the disguise of a global operation. Where did we grow from the 19th and 20th Century?

With the current economic condition, people are forced to work regardless of conditions provided by the employer. Individuals accept these as they are only means to earning a living, keep ends meet, raise their family, keep a roof over their heads at best they can and pay their obligations.  We are losing the respectfulness to our workforce.

Our political spectrum is totally out of touch to the realities. The politics of money is greatly influencing what matters to fewer than the most.  Notwithstanding the implications and consequences of actions that resulted to our current economic situations. From the corruption of multi-billion organizations, recklessness of banks and their officers, the real estate greediness, and most recently the irresponsibility to the safety of the consumers. Where are the responsible and ethical leaders of today's generation? Do they have a space in the carnival stage - only time can tell when "real people use their common sense and become pragmatic in the real essence and meaning of life".

Despite of all these challenges surrounding us, let's keep our optimism to the right perspectives and leverage our self esteem. The following Ten Pointers of Self Value offer some strategies that will differentiate you from the rest.  It will help to establish some level of standards for your own self.  

Ten Pointers of Self Value:
1. Reflect about your personal interest, vocation, ethical principles and passion in life, avoid sacrificing them
2. Identify, 
explore your personal and professional values and competencies , go beyond your comfort zones, co-explore your capabilities at the same time

3. Highlight these true valuable pieces when you are searching for employment, which will lead you to a career and not just a job
4. Integrate these values in your resume, 
gain additional development for your career , nothing is wrong when you keep learning new things and dimensions of skills for your advantage

5. Demonstrate these integrated responsible values as not an option by the prospective employer
6. Seek for employers that will value your abilities and competencies, employ your investigative approach in learning about them, research their background, who is running them, learn about the business culture, organizational behavior, locate people that worked there and ask of their experiences

7. Communicate affectively only to employers who acknowledge the value on your abilities and ignore anyone who do not. Be confident to say "NO"
8. Put an extra effort in searching that quality employer for long term gains not for short term convenience, use critical thinking in making sure you are applying to the right organization
9. Learn to interview interactively and strategically, 
get an interviewing Coach to experience important scenarios and learn the art of interviewing
10. Negotiate, offer your competencies and what can you do in adding value to the hiring organization and not emphasizing your traditional skills

The ten pointers above are not easy to handle in conjunction to the current economic landscape. But take it as a compromise to yourself. Performing an elimination process and selection is a valuable activity. You are giving yourself a credit and in many ways, you are building your confidence.  

At the end, it will give you a better comfort, confidence, greater fulfilment and energy when you begin working with an employer that embraces you. 

Peter Bregman , CEO of Bregman Partners says, "If you want to be original - to really think out of the box - you might be better off starting from a different box that you're in". You can be original with your approaches in challenging current situations. 

Share us your comments and thoughts, how are you experiencing our current economic challenges? You can add your comments below or send us an email to: info@jntconsulting.com

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