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Global Leaders of Organizations Need R.O.I. Driven People in HR

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What do global leaders of organizations like to see in their Human Capital Organization pertaining to the role of Leadership Development?

Juntee Terrenal, MA, GMS, was asked to participate in the above inquiry, and he emphasized;

Management of today's global organization likes to see the R.O.I. of their investments in Leadership Development. Today, organizations operate differently including the composition of the people that combines Baby Boomer and the Millennials, immediate R.O.Is are earnestly on top of the discussions. They like their organization as one of the "high performing organization" in the market. In addition, they like to see capabilities of the whole Human Capital Organization to discuss competently about global business and R.O.I. results of their activities.

2012 organizational leadership likes to see the fastest results on developing potential leaders or enhance the competencies of their existing leaders. However, many do not understand the complexity and learning curve period of developing someone. In addition, the department of Human Resources cannot illustrate the bottom line value, risks and R.O.I. of their endeavors when comes to leadership development, globally.

Today, 40% of HR Directors are sitting at the boardroom table but up to 50% admitted to not knowing the contribution their role makes to other functions and executives across the business units. - Source: HR Review, Strategies and Practice

Juntee suggested, that customized strategies are essential and very relevant to incorporate the value of management's concerns, current shortcomings of people, along with the culture, business acumen and the linkage to R.O.I. Dramatic transformation is necessary (when required) in order to achieve an R.O.I. driven leadership development. Fire those who don't collaborate with a renewed mindset – performance based. The time when people are comfortable with the loosey-goosey day-to-day techniques has past. Leaders must bear a mindset of being entrepreneurial and innovative. The goal is to become the 'high performing organization' and 'competitive' in the market. The questions would be, are you globally competitive in the 21st Century? Is your organization one among the so called the high performing organization? These are the interests of today's senior executive in the global environment.

We all agree that a continuing endeavor to coach individuals is necessary until such time that each demonstrates outstanding competencies. Integrative measurements and performance results must be the active basis of rewards not familiarity and tenure. Accountability is equally important to sustain quality of leadership.

"In today’s business environment leadership development needs to be grounded in real work and focused on the critical competencies required for success" - Source: HR Review, Home Page Leader and Training

Can your Human Capital Organization demonstrate global readiness in responding to those expectations this year?

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