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2012 Australia's Strategy - Integrating Workforce In Focus

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Australia's Strategy - Integrating Workforce
In 2012, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship will review the existing Professional Year Visa Program that was implemented in 2008. It is a structured development program, combining formal learning and workplace experience that was intended for Engineers, Accountants and IT Professionals. It may assist graduates to find employment and credits 5 points towards meeting the Points Based Skilled Migration pass mark.


The Scope of the Professional Year Visa Program entails;
  • participants will familiarise with the norms and values in the Australian workplace as well as the Australian employment market and workplace culture
  • participants acquire techniques on how to communicate effectively and professionally in the Australian workplace with colleagues, managers and clients
  • participants will gain an internship (work experience) in order to learn about all aspects of work practices in an Australian company
The intended evaluation was to assess whether the Professional Year Program has been achieving its defined objectives successfully, at the same time to identify potential improvements. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship encourage all current and past students under the program to participate anonymously in the survey.

JNT Consulting in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia
Our office in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia commenced in servicing our Australia-based clients through the leadership of our Director, Aldo Vaccarezza. 
Aldo is instrumental to our success in the land of Oz. 

Depending on the results of the evaluation. The program may continue as an integral part of Australia's competitive  program in enriching their workforce through diverse talents from different cultures.  The goals of the program are noble and strategically positioning better relationship among people within Australian workforce environments. A very good approach that will facilitate integrated society and citizens regardless of backgrounds.

Professionals across the globe are competing in expanding their knowledge, skills and competencies. Businesses with operations between two countries or more are struggling in coping up with the expectations of local hosts and increasing their capabilities to adapt into the global world. Many are short of competencies to be adequately comfortable of operating within the auspices of another culture.

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  1. very nice tips. thanks for sharing such nice information .the mission of the workforce development program is to create successful workplaces for women, their families and employers.