Thursday, January 19, 2012

UK - 8.4 percent Increase in Unemployment

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Chris Grayling, UK Minister of Employment announced that the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom increased to 8.4 percent, an unacceptably high, he noted.

He reasoned, that this increase was caused by the large number of people who were moving from economic inactivity but now looking employment. The private sectors are creating opportunities but the public sectors are losing jobs.

However, there are specialized programs and other measures in placed to help the job seekers as support to get employment.

Support the UK Work Programme  - (source: FE News via
1. Look at training providers to form partnership with Work Program to create an opportunity of enhancing skills of individuals entering or re-entering workforce
2. Employers can partner with us and get engaged, they are the clients. They need to be the partner in determining the needed skills for a local economy


Current Challenges to reach the goal:
1. Delivering the right support to the long term unemployed
2. Ensuring simple mechanisms that support young people to move out from college into the workforce
3. Proper focus on filling skills gap solutions to obtain right skills needed and gain experience for those who got the skills but not getting the right employment opportunities

To listen to Chris Grayling's inputs he discussed with the media, please click the "UK Unemployment at 8.4 Percent" - source:

The UK Work Program has identified areas where all parties involve will need to work together in order to move forward and help each other in changing the current economic landscape and challenges.

The third challenge in reaching the goal of the work program is the key to the success of supporting people who has the skills but not getting the applicable employment opportunity.  Someone was thinking strategically in Mr. Grayling's office, indeed.

America needs these types of strategic techniques to reinvigorate the long term unemployed for the US workforce!

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