Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FYI - USCIS "Unexpected Delays of Receipt Notices"

Important Announcement on Delays of Receipt Notices for I-129 Applications

Today, May 23, 2012 - The USCIS Announced that petition applicants will experience an unexpected delays for the issuance of Receipt Notices of applied I-129 Petition Applications.

Normally, Receipt Notices are issued within 30 days from confirmation date.

This time, USCIS says that it received high volume of I-129 Petition Applications. It may take additional two to four weeks before customers will receive a Receipt Notice.

It is further advised that when a customer may not receive the Receipt Notice within 60 days of the Confirmation date of Delivery. Please contact the appropriate Service Center via email address listed on the USCIS webpage.

The details of this notification can be read at: Temporary Delay

What this means to you:
Staffing and HR personnel involved for the hiring of new people who are petitioned with employment visas need to adjust time of start and may be relocation date for those who will be coming from international zone.  This is important in order to manage expectations of the new employee and hiring and reporting manager.

Two things that will get impacted:
1. This will delay the start date of a petitioned new hire without the Receipt Notice issued by the USCIS
2. Transfers who holds another visa cannot begin at new employer location without the Receipt Notice of I-129 Application

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