Saturday, May 12, 2012

Still Looking for that job?

We continue to leverage quality workforce for our consulting clients.

While we are unable to post many positions that we are engaged in searching for qualified candidates, we encourage qualified candidates who are seeking quality employment opportunities to submit their resume (in word .doc file) to:

Premise for consideration:
1. Expertise of at least 7 years up to 15 years of actual work experiences
2. Focus on either of the following areas: Must demonstrate global mindset in Management Strategies, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Program Management, Engineering Management, Human Resources
3. Experienced in managing people and teams of 5 people or more
4. With Advanced degree, results and R.O.I. driven
5. International experience is essential - must have worked internationally in at least 2 countries
6. Must demonstrate proficiency in two or more languages besides English
7. Experiences in either of the following industries:  IT, Aerospace, Electronics, Consulting, Manufacturing, Healtcare

When submitting your Resume - on your subject line, please select from item # 2 above the area of specialty where your background would be most considered. Thank you.

Candidates will be scheduled for telephone conversation to assess their background, strengths and weaknesses prior to actual interviews. Received resumes will be acknowledged and evaluated. Candidates who will not qualify will be put to the database and will be considered for other future opportunities.

Industry competitive - depending on experience

Location:  international and USA 

We like to hear about your insights. You can email your comments to: or share them in the provided comments field at the end of this article.

About JNT Consulting
JNT Consulting Global Resources offers professional consulting in  human capital and resources managementprovides workforce solutions that will achieve the "High Performance Organization" regardless of size and location.

JNT Consulting has its headquarters in San Jose, California and is "Your Partner for Growth & Development”, “Your Professional Coach”, and “Your Provider of Global Resources”. You can contact us by calling +1 650 241-3207 or visit our website.


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