Friday, May 4, 2012

Mexican Tradition - Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is now around the corner and many people regardless of their country origin meet their friends and families as a celebratory event.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to One and All ~

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In May 5, 1862 the town of Puebla, the Mexican Army defeated the vastly powerful French Army that had not lost a battle in over fifty years. That same date since 1862 has become a socially accepted festive tradition among Mexican citizens to commemorate that amazing victory. Mexicans celebrate it in different forms like dance, costumes, food and other celebrations. While this is not a Mexico's Independence Day, it is a widely accepted a national patriotic holiday.


Today, it is not only the Mexicans who celebrate the Cinco de Mayo.  The Cinco de Mayo is traditionally a national festival observed devoid of consideration of ethnic origin. Traditional Mexican symbols like the Virgen de Guadalupe and César Chávez are part of banners and special events. Many cities across the US celeberate this event.

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  Have fun and be safe always.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo ~

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