Friday, June 22, 2012

Workforce: Influencers of Poor Productivity and Low Morale

A very interesting poll was made by a UK-based HR Review, the data shows a growing evidence of facts in the workforce - please see below:

credit: HR Review-UK 12Jun22

The above data may be a sampling and random response from individuals. However, it provides a behavioral insight and facts regarding factors that influence poor productivity in the workforce environment. 

Any organization with the above issues is facing a great problem within. 

1. The three items that were randomly surveyed are symptomatic on how inefficient the organization where respondents are working. 
2. There are bad apples in the composition of organization. 
3. The bosses are not fit to be managers of people. 
4. There is no optimization of workforce capabilities to their job responsibilities. 

What employees can do?
1. Show active listening to your negative co-worker. Then approach it with positive behaviors that influence negativity to become positive. Demonstrate good modeling of positive attitude.
2. Demonstrate leadership that will make your Boss realize how bad he/she is. Show results and emphasize on R.O.I. of your efforts.
3. Creativity and ingenuity will open doors of opportunity. Challenge yourself with other options to create new dimension about your role. Think strategically and demonstrate that attitude for better opportunities.

What employers should do?
1. Influence the behaviors of negative workforce by identifying the causes of these behaviors.
2. Create and implement an advanced development program for managers with a focus on management of people and efficiency
3. Skills of workforce must be matched with their responsibilities in order to accelerate higher productivity and avoid high turnover as caused by boredom. 
4. Assess all areas of your business and leverage results and return on investments
5. Become a High Performance Organization

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  1. Not being challenged on the job has always been high on the list of complaints by workers. Everyone seems to think they are capable of more responsibility. Although this may be true, there simply are not enough positions to assign them to, so they must wait their turn. It is always a good idea to gain as much experience as they can while they are waiting.

    Some may have unrealistic expectations of themselves or may be motivated by the family's expectations of them. Some may need to grow in maturity before advancing to the next step, especially if they are going to be working with more people or in a supervisory or management role.

  2. Gail,

    Your comments are appreciated. You mentioned several points that individuals and organizations are experiencing, yet they cannot implement solutions that will curtail these situations. I also agree, that unrealistic expectations are contributing to these issues. Both parties must look through where they can collaborate to be more productive.