Friday, March 8, 2013

Enjoy the Spring 2013 - the Refreshing Colors, Activities with Friends, Events and Celebrations

Again, It is Spring Time My Friends ~

On Sunday, March 10, Daylight Saving Time  
"Time to move forward your clock to reflect the correct time" 
(Applicable only in US States that observe DST)

Spring Season is always the refreshing time after the long drawn coldness of the winter breezes, rains and gloomy skies. It is the time when the spring flowers in your gardens and pots will grow and bloom. 

Spring is also the time when there are many changes around you, time to celebrate and enjoy the climate that nature brings. 

Here are the Top Ten Spring Chores that may be on your list. Have fun and be safe always. 
1. Time of de-cluttering unwanted items from your drawers and cabinets 

2. Time to re-organize your closets, hide the Winter outfits and hang your Spring collection ward drove

3. Time to re-grow your gardens of vegetables, herbs and flowers

4. Many household chores and renovations are underway

5. Many will pack their belongings or homes, and move to another city, state or country

6.  It's also time to meet your new neighbors, who moved from far other places 

7. Take time to enjoy the beautiful weather among friends, new neighbors and family

8. It is also the time to enjoy Spring vacations  

9. Time for your Spring neighborhood Yard Sales (where applicable)

10. Time to celebrate important events that normally taking place during the season. New celebrations will be held as well. 

The beautiful California's colorful flowers are blooming everywhere in your neighborhoods and flower farms... butterflies, bees and birds enjoy them alike. 

When you meet with friends and acquaintances, do not forget to learn something new and different. In that way, you always have something to think about and share to others when the chance will come. 

Spring Season is another moment that will bring us new opportunities in life. 

Enjoy and be productive always. 

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