Friday, January 25, 2013

Mate! Happy Australia Day ~

Australia Day - January 26, 2013 

credit: Alamy, embassyworld, @junteet

It is a long weekend for our Mates down-under to celebrate the Australia Day. Many will be enjoying the beaches, provided the temperature will permit summer festivities. In the last few weeks, the temperature has been rising ... a new adventure to most. 

The Australia Day has been celebrated since January 26 1908 according to historical records. In 1818 was the first official formation of the celebration held in New South Wales. Currently, it is a public holiday across Australia. During this time of annual celebration when different Australian Awards and Honours are conferred to deserving individuals, groups, institutions and other categories.   Australia Day has become the biggest annual civic celebrations in Australia.

In May 13, 1787, the so called First Fleet begun sailing from Great Britain (now called United Kingdom), consisting of 10 Civil Officers, 212 marines and officers, 28 wives and 17 children, 81 free persons, 504 convicts and 192 female convicts, total of 1044.
The people aboard in the First Fleet were sent to Australia based on Orders-in-Counsil for establishing the European colony in Australia, in the region of which Captain James Cook, a Royal Navy Captain and a British Explorer, had named New South Wales. The fleet was led by Captain Arthur Philip, who later became an Admiral.  The First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay between January 18-20, 1788
At a later date, the first European Habitation of Australia settled at Sydney Cove. Today, Sydney Cove is relative to Sydney Harbour / Circular Quay. The city of Sydney resides in New South Wales, a province of Australia.

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