Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pre-Halloween Business English Lessons for Communicative Convenience

Are you one among the adult professionals who like to become 'engaging' when you converse with other people, colleagues and new acquaintance? 

The only way to become one of the BEST is by learning the techniques of demonstrable 'engaging communications skills'. There are many available lessons such as Advanced Business English for Effective Communication, Leadership Skills for Business, ESL for Adults, Conversational English for Work and Personal Use. These are just few of the representative of lessons - you can get a customized lessons that will immediately resolve your difficulties.

Ideas N Conversations ( offers various Pre-Halloween English lessons with Promotional Code: Fall-012  that will make you more engaging for your business and personal communication. Experienced in tutoring or coaching individuals who came from non-english speaking countries like Japan, India, Singapore, S. Korea, China, Malaysia, France, Germany, the Philippines, South American countries, United States, etc .

What do you get from Ideas N Conversations?
1. You will learn customized lessons that will increase your communication proficiency, you don't get these lessons from traditional class types or centers
2. The lessons solve your difficulties and very important to your current endeavors
3. We turn your weaknesses to become strength because you will gain high level of proficiency in communicating your ideas with others
4. Techniques in coaching you are progressively changing to sustain your improvement and will continue to gain higher level of proficiency
5. Learn how to use the language forms in Business English as well as Conversational English, which reflect correctness in both speaking and writing. Having all these, you will get better opportunities that will advance your career, and be able to communicate better with anyone among customers and colleagues

Our Coaches, work with individuals who are employed in any profession, expat spouses who need to learn English for their day-to-day activities, those who are in college or graduate school and others who are US born individuals who like to improve their English communication skills and proficiency for better career advancement.

For more information and to arrange a Free Assessment of your current weakness, please call +1 (650) 241-3207 

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