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The Key to Hiring the Right Person with R.O.I. and Results

The key to a successful finding and hiring the right person for the job vacancy is by having the appropriate person or team of individuals who are responsible, strategically thinking, experienced in people-sourcing, demonstrate an implementable-vision of results and R.O.I. driven recruitment strategies, a business partner who drives the multiple processes involving the planning, recruitment, sourcing, candidate experience and management, hiring negotiations, on-boarding and start date. These type of individuals will carry out effective hiring and its consequential long term retention.

The traditional technique in finding the candidates for a job vacancy through the media of various recruitment activities such as posting job description at job boards, Craigslist, applicant tracking system, hiring an external agency, hiring a recruiter that will fill in the position, advertising in a professional magazine, and attending trade shows have not given high R.O.I. All of these did not generate guaranteed and effective results. Employers spent money, gained hires that filled their vacancies but ROIs were limited and turn over were very high.

"Talent Management indicated that many companies lack confidence in their recruiting programs. 52 percent of HR professionals say that their recruiting programs are only 'somewhat successful'.

Today, many are flocking to the band-wagon of  'social media' sourcing. What does that mean? Would it mean to have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account, etc? Social media is a venue of communication among individuals who share either personal, fun, insights, experience or travels to interesting places, hobbies, professional perspectives to their social acquaintances and friends. It is not a medium where you can just pick immediate hires.

Hiring through social media will not happen until there is an intimate connection with someone who demonstrate interest to a vacancy, and there is a clear understanding about the individual for the job vacancy.  A sales process will need to take place by demonstrating many of the recruitment ways and means. In that way, the person of interest and the head hunter will establish a connection, a mutual understanding about what is being offered and its benefits for growth and advancement.

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A global fact across industries, is the existence of blurry understanding among many people in the HR/Staffing department who cannot differentiate sourcing from recruiting, and the effectiveness of finding the right people who will stay with the organization for a long term.  You can spot on those inexperienced ones because they interchangeably use the terms  as they refer to the recruitment processes and sourcing activities. 

The following might help you understand who is doing the right function and responsibilities;
1. Recruiting Clerk or Admin Assistant - someone who sorts resumes, read through, check the box and identify technical skills identified by the hiring manager, search resumes at the Applicant Tracking System, coordinate resumes with hiring manager and calendar interviews 

2. Recruiter - someone who executes the sales process including closure, convincing a prospective candidate to become a part of a particular team, lead a team, be an executive or an individual contributor. This same individual is responsible in making sure that the expectations of the hiring manager are in alignment with the human resources support to the hiring of the individual, not withstanding with the factual engagement to the overall business goals of the company. The recruiter is the liaison and driver to the many areas such as (recruiting activities, referral programs, tactically-based job boards and applicant systems, strategic closing of candidate, on-boarding techniques)  that will make the experience of the candidate become effective and successful. 

3. Human Resources Management - it is the team of people who will collaborate in putting together various R.O.I and Results-driven programs, supporting documentation, experiential learning avenues, organizational platforms, rewards and compensation, compliance to rules and regulations, road map of employee engagement to success and long term retention. 

4. Hiring Manager - this is the individual who will be responsible in managing the experience of the candidates, new hires and employee(s) in the team. Must be the articulate facilitator of success and influencer of cultural growth, advancement, problem solver of conflicts and career path of the individuals in the team. 

5. Business Partner - someone who will execute the responsibilities that your organization or team will share in an effort to accomplish a successful goal, such as hiring the right individual. The business partner is either an external consultant who demonstrate exceptional skills in augmenting the gaps within your organization or an internal person who will liaise requirements between parties. Your Partner will help you to become efficient with your responsibilities. They will facilitate the achievement of higher results, better R.O.I. because they will help you underscores the challenges along the road.

In many settings in today's business environs all of the above items were combined into one or two role(s) under the disguise as a Recruiter or Staffing Professional. For economic reasons, many professionals are forced to accept these roles because opportunities are scarce and people need to earn a living. Organizations take advantage of the economic instability, and gladly use these combined roles as a bait to hire experienced professionals who cannot say no because of economic reasons. However, it is a short sightedness among candidates when they don't negotiate with prospective employers and do not look for better environment.

The organizations that value the skills of people, they hire them based on their competencies, trade expertise, and experience. Many organization would like to become one among the so called high performance organization, however they do not like to spend money in acquiring that right individual who can show or collaborate in making sure that they are in the right path of becoming one. 

Becoming the high performance organization is not that easy. It requires a talented individual who will manage, play and think through the many puzzles that are involved within the human capital and resources organization. That person must demonstrate, independent, critical and strategic mindset to evaluate all areas of the organization where human capital is a vital force. 

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Achieving success with the right type of people comes with big challenges; clear communication; competent professionals and leaders; the workforce adaptability to the global culture within the organization and its extended environment - the personal background of every employee; and the overall Human Capital and Resources Strategy that will support the business goals of the organization.

What this means to you?
1. When hiring, learn the landscape and art of recruiting - the selling of your product (your company and the vacancy) to the prospective buyer (the candidate for the job)
2. Make extra effort in understanding the differences and layers of many activities that involve hiring, this include from planning up to date of start of the new hire.
3. Make sure you understand your business goals, and that your human capital strategy is in line with all the areas of the organization
4. R.O.I. and results-driven techniques, programs, partners and activities must be demonstrated at all cost and levels, no excuses. Examples of these programs that brought "A" type of individuals are; mobility, corporate immigration, destination assistance, pay right for the highly qualified person instead of underpay their qualifications and experience
5. If you don't have a strategic plan (see item #4 above), contact an experienced human capital and resources management professional who can assist you with the endeavors.  There is no option than hiring one that knows the concepts, up-to-date practices including rules and regulations, implementation and evaluation of results. These are all integrated as part of the landscape.

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