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Integrating Employee Mobility Across Borders in Global Strategy of Human Capital Management

Many organizations that are operating or expanding globally struggle in creating an effective strategy in global human capital management where important pieces like employee mobility across borders are not in the landscape.

Our recent study disclosed that leaders of organizations that operates internationally like to capture the value of employee mobility as a retention tool of top talents, whom they employ across borders.

Oftentimes, the question of inexperienced international Professionals in the global landscape regarding employee mobility, how do we integrate this in our overall strategy?

First, by conducting an honest critical and analytical assessment, you can determine where the deficiencies are. If you don't know how to conduct a comprehensive non-biased analysis. Hire an experienced global human capital management professional who will assist and guide you through. It's always the best option to have someone who can tell you bluntly the areas that are inconsistent, irrelevant, malpractice, and not useful. And the same will help you improve, develop applicable solutions and solve issues in order to support the overall business goals of your organization.

Second, by learning and understanding the complex issues that your employee(s) encountered when they were deployed to your new locations, it will provide you a window of opportunity to integrate and create solutions that will overcome these shortfalls. Consider the following questions; what are the factors that affected employee(s) who relocated? Who were involved in the logistics, planing and implementation? How did we support them as an organization?  Do we have an effective program that strategically supported the actual needs from planning to repatriation? Is the policy that was used pretending to be a program? Or we have a program that is being executed as policy driven? What are the drivers to the effectiveness of the strategy? What are our business practices? What type of incentives do you provide to your candidates for expatriate positions?

ReloNavigator is a strategic solution that will make your hiring of top talents across borders become effective,  facilitate happy experience, high retention level, ROI proven, results driven and organizational adaptable. It will help you become the high performance organization.

Scope of the ReloNavigator Solution:
  •  Pre-Hire Planning, Benchmark and Compensation Analysis, Expense Determination, Job Roles Evaluation, Packaging and Logistics Management
  •  Foreign Hire - Immigration Compliance & Management
  •  Global Mobility Management (Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America, Latin America)
  •  Destination Services Management
  •  Settling-In Resources Management
  •  Cultural Adjustments Coaching
  •  Strategic Succession Planning and Repatriation Management
Utilizing Strategic Approach:
In order to successfully use global employee mobility as a tool in retaining top talents across border, the most important pieces of the equation are;
1.  having the right partners and relationships that will support your strategy 
2. having the right employee experience 'excellent programs and supports' while adjusting at their new location
3. having the right package of incentives and equity that will motivate expats to grow with the company 

When all items are evident, you are certain that your investments will sustain your business growth and advancement. Your retention level will yield higher results and your organization become high performer due to the effectiveness of your program.

Challenges to a Successful Hiring:
Our experiences validate that few hindrances of unsuccessful hiring of an expat is due to family situations. Unwillingness to uproot Children are in school. Spouses and or partners are working and there is no guarantee of available work at their new location.

It is always a great practice to review all scenarios involving hiring across borders. The significance of small item missed during the process of hiring and relocating will impact success. These are normally seen as challenges in both emerging and bigger markets.  Many organizations experience these and they are challenged in navigating and addressing the gaps of their competencies. Recent survey by Mercer’s HR & Mobility Challenges of Emerging Markets Survey also confirmed these facts.

It was noted that most of the challenges of surveyed organizations were;  competitive policies for attraction and retention (38 per cent), finding the right candidates (34 per cent) and equity issues between expatriates and local nationals (33 per cent).

Canadian Employee Relocation Council said that, 19 % of surveyed employees in 24 countries “very likely” to take a full-time job in another country for two to three years with a 10 per cent pay increase, according to a poll released (CERC).

CERC also indicated about the desire of some employees who would like to work abroad as an expat based on the following conditions;
a.  A 10% increase from current pay
b. Guarantee of repatriation and they can go back and work with the organization after the assignment
c. Guarantee of a home visit including airfare while on an assignment
d. Guarantee of a language training (as needed)
e. Unequivocal support to spouses and family members when relocate or while on an assignment

JNTC's survey results was reconfirmed that other countries are sources of willing employees to become expats. These include Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Spain, France, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and USA.

Realistic Perspectives:
When your organization is expanding and growing to new markets, you will need help in your strategy at new locations. You do not know where to begin and how to become compliant to international rules and regulations. Or may be as a part of growth and advancement, you don't have the necessary experience in global business needs. You will need to increase your Cross Cultural Competencies.

We provide full resources in global Human Capital Management. We encourage strong Partnerships and support the growth and advancement of our clients. Contact us at any time to discuss your current challenges. Our number is +1 650 241-3207 or send us an email to: 

We will be happy to understand how we can help you. You don't need to use the entire scope of solutions above if your needs are different. We provide a tailored-scope that will meet your business needs.

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