Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shops Green for the Environment - A Social Consciousness

During the week, our mailbox received a Newsletter from our City of San Jose Recycling Resource Center, reminding us about "San Jose Shops Green Ordinance" which will take effect in January 1, 2012.

The campaign that bring your own bag when you go to the Grocery for shopping will help in reducing the litters in our environment and facilitate in conserving natural resources.

What this means to Everyone?

It's a participative action among citizens in conserving our natural environment. Having a reusable shopping bag will be advantageous and convenient. This is a matter of having the discipline of putting this bag in your car, near the door or your keys before going shopping. In that way, you will not forget. By assimilating this practice - the plastic or paper bags that the stores give you will be eliminated eventually. The more people participate in this campaign, the better mother earth we preserve for the long run.

Ideal Gift for your Family and Friends this Christmas:
Give them an eco-friendly reusable bag !
source: custom grocery

Please click on the link to read the complete Ordinance:

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Enjoy your Holidays with family and friends.

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