Friday, December 30, 2011

Forward Looking and Beyond

Photo by: jalennturre (c) 2011

The US economy is still uncertain. However, in November 2011 reports show that the national unemployment figures went down to 8.6 percent. The unemployment trend is downward and there are more small businesses / startup that are entering the market either by self-funding or with the support of venture capital. However, big organizations are still rolling their dice on re-organization and people are still getting laid-off.

The need is greater than ever to evolve from tactical HR to a results and ROI oriented function. Our research shows that there are ongoing needs for professionals who can discuss the ‘Return On Investment’ in Human Capital that supports the overall organization at the executive level. Executives have awoken that these competencies are essential within the HR operation. Globally, strategic human capital and resource management practitioners with business acumen and an ROI focus are essential to business success.

HR professionals are developing their strategic competencies but short of abilities to discuss ROI and business. Companies are generally only focused on the operational costs context instead of the feasible whole landscape from the conceptual intent to hire, the mechanisms involved, people and resources, effectiveness and support, growth, successions, the ROI values and impact to the entire company.

Indeed, there are only a handful of HR professionals who can truly illustrate an integrated landscape of the ROI and business within the management of human capital and resources. 

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