Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strategic Approaches and Competencies Make Global Mobility Successful

The ReloNavigator Solution - Global Mobility Management in Relocation, Immigration, Culture and Destination Services 
Experiences in the management of global mobility programs, people and culture are essentials to success. These will make your employees become more productive, concentrate their responsibilities, stay with you for longer period of time and comfort ability of their family members. Effective Partnership is a key in order to adjust smoothly after moving to a new location.

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How and what are the best ways to implement expatriate planning? Every individual assignee or transferee who may relocate to a new city or country, must utilize an experienced professional as a resource for this kind of lifestyle. Any HR professional, who is involved in bridging the origin country and the destination city must make a search of an experienced Global Mobility & Human Capital and Resources Management Consultant with successful experiences in global mobility management, particularly when the In-house HR professionals do not have adequate knowledge and experiences.

Both types of individuals can provide you an experiential insights and perspectives 'the pros and cons' about Expatriate Success in Living abroad. Inquire about the challenges, the advantges and disadvantages.  Identify to yourself the value of this experience for your personal growth. Set short and long term goals because both will help you achieve a balance to your lifestyle, being an Expat and your family members (where applicable).

The Landscape of the Strategic Competencies:

The following graph is an illustration of technical skills and competencies that are required in managing an effective 'ReloNavigator Solution' for any expat or impat regardless of countries. Our Global HCM & Resources Consultants demonstrate 10 plus years of cross-cultural experiences globally to over 40 countries.


Whether you are a small business owner or a big organization, there is a time when your needs for growth and advancement become apparent. You do not know where to begin and how to become compliant to international rules and regulations. Or may be as a part of your growth and advancement, you don't have the necessary experience in global business needs. You will need to
increase your Cross Cultural Competencies.

At JNT Consulting we
provide full resources in Human Capital & Resources Management. We will be happy to listen and understand how we can help you. You don't need to use the entire scope of solutions above if your needs are different. An Ala-carte' Approach can be tailored to your needs.

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