Thursday, October 16, 2008

USA: TN Visas for Nationals of Canada and Mexico

Recently, the USCIS (United States Citizens and Immigration Services) announced the expansion of the Trade NAFTA (TN) Nonimmigrant Visa Program for professional workers from Canada and Mexico.

The annual extension of a TN Visa by a professional worker from Canada and Mexico has been changed to an increment of every 3 years. This expansion of the program will now be the same as the H1B Nonimmigrant Visa professional worker.

What This Means to TN Visa Holders? There are Five Highlights.

First, Any professional worker from either Canada and Mexico can now request for an extension of their TN Visa with an increment of three years instead of the usual annual extension.

Second, Workers must be advised to request for their three years extension when it is time to renew their TN Nonimmigrant Visa.

Third, Workers will now enjoy a once in every three years interruption from their job in regards to renewing their TN Visa.

Fourth, They can fully concentrate on their job function within three consecutive three years without getting bothered with their visa expiration date and renewals, thereby supporting the business goals and objectives of their employer.

Fifth, Increased productivity and Return On Investment.

What this means to an Employer? There are Four Highlights.

First, Each employer that sponsors TN Nonimmigrant Visa for professional worker from Canada or Mexico can experience a longer ease of visa renewals for their workers. This will advocate a better strategic approach, timing and calendaring of the TN Visa compliance which will expire every three years instead of every year.

Second, This facilitates higher retention and productivity of the TN Visa Holders, who are member of the workforce.

Third, This provides two years of savings of the usual Immigration Counsel's Fees and TN Application Fee, in addition to the Return on Investments from hiring the workers.

Fourth, This will advocate a better prospect in hiring professionals from Canada and Mexico to augment the shortage of technical and professional workers in the United States. TN Visas are adequate.

With the current economy and its challenges, Employers must consider hiring through the benefits of TN Visa Program offers. This is a great value add to your organization.

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