Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Global: HRGuru Partners with JNTC - A Resource for HR Professionals

HR Guru is one of the fast evolving professional network that is focused on the specialized industry - called Human Resources. The Human Resources as a profession has been evolving for many decades. In the current Era, you will learn that HR Professionals are now categorized into many specialized professional disciplines. The days where the so called 'Generalist' will be abating as we evolve into the 21st Century and years to come.

Who is HRGuru?
"We’re not simply an anonymous job board, not an index of HR agencies and contact information, but something new and different: a place where your lifelong career needs come home to roost."

HRGuru is a network of active HR Practitioners in many industries. The source of many shared resources from industry experts and its membership across cultures and industries.

Juntee Terrenal, MA, GMS is featured at HRGuru's as one of their featured Writers. Several of Juntee's Articles has now appeared at the HRGuru's Centers of Expertise. Featured Writers

JNT Consulting LLC is also a featured Partner of HRGuru.

"HRGuru is lucky to host content from some of the most highly acclaimed and seasoned human resource professionals. From authors to bloggers to entrepreneurs, HRGuru aims to deliver expert, applicable fun advice from the best in the business. Check out our featured writers, and visit their sites."

Any professional who is an HR Practitioner can participate in the HRGuru's Network. Click on the link something new and different to browse the HRGuru's website.

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