Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Catholic Church and Pope Francis' Overhaul

"Twenty-six priests were placed on leave following the grand jury's report. Ten of those cases have now been found to involve substantiated allegations of abuse. One priest was arrested and another died before a full investigation could be completed." - source

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Pope Francis must begin his Almighty power of cleaning his Church as evidenced seen in this one Archdiocese alone. How many dioceses have been covered up with these alleged crimes committed by priests?  To think, that this is only in Philadelphia! 

"In a statement, Archbishop Charles Chaput said he made the decisions he felt were "right and just" after the allegations against Gaspar and Gallagher were investigated and reviewed by an archdiocese board." 

The morality of the priesthood within the Catholic Church have been blemished with these actions.

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