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Simple Journeys to Being Healthy Means Success and Happiness in Life

The Year 2013 is in stride and we have arrived in the month of February.

For those who do traditional concepts, they made their New Year's Resolutions. And those who are non-traditional, they have their own way of marking 2013 and began their journeys for the next 330 plus days.

Personally, I began my New Year with a perspective where Great Health achieve Success in Life. This year I put forward to be more healthy and consume healthier foods that will sustain my healthier well being.

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Being Healthy is at the top of my priorities because I believed that when one is in great health, all goals in  personal or professional will be achieved. The end result of it all is abundance of success. Would I like to become successful? If you are an optimist like me that is a big YES.

With anyone I work with, I will share with them that insight of being healthy. Let's put our health as a main emphasis in our daily living. When we are healthy, there are more opportunities in the future that we will enjoy, many places that we can go, and many more advancement that will cherish.

What options do we have to be healthy? The following tips may be a good starting point about how to make extra effort in managing one's health by your own means and capabilities. I do these things myself :-)

Simple Journeys to Being Healthy:
One Author said; "to heal your inner life you simply need to be healthy"

1. Eat Well with Nutritious foods. Eat plenty of  vegetables (preferably organic ones), beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. There are many different foods that are nutritious. You don't need expensive foods to get the rich vitamins from nutritious foods. Shop and buy  smart across various food outlets and find the food that gives you nutrition and fresh. Do not shop at groceries that sell wilted vegetables and with nearly rotten fruits.

2. Drink a lot of Water. Natural water is best with your system. It sustains oxygen in the body. Avoid water that were produced with chemicals because you are adding toxics in your body. Drink 8 glasses of water a day is a simple rule. How many of us do that today? We have many excuses as being busy. Really! Dr. Oz says, "water if great for the body".

3. Help Generate Enzymes for your Digestive System.  By eating foods that provides raw materials will help generate enzymes for your digestive system; it will keep you away from unhealthy discoveries within your digestive tract. Avoid supplements as necessary. Health Scientists say, foods with fibers are great for your body and they give natural enzymes. The likes of pineapple, asparagus, papaya, grains, etc. An old knowledge from generations is by 'chewing your food 20 times before swallowing' - that means eat slowly. Do not gobble up in 20 minutes.

4. Omega 3 Fat is Essential.  Eating fish regularly provides Omega-3 that is useful for being healthy. Explore various fishes like wild caught salmon, and similar. Be creative in cooking them. If you are lazy to prepare, there are ready to broil packs of wild caught salmon, etc. By eating sufficient amount of fish you avoid inflammation in your system.

5. Sustain a Healthy Weight. By maintaining your healthy weight that is proportionate to your height and body structure, you will sustain better and active living. Again, by eating balanced and nutritious foods, vegetables, fruits and a glass of favorite wine at dinner time, will keep you retain your healthy weight. Exercise is a good routine. You don't need a gym membership to exercise, there are many ways to exercise like walking, take the stairs when you are at work, or go up and down in your house when you have stairs. Simple things are treasure and they are inexpensive. I am in progress with it.

6. Dieting is not a good program. Understanding your body system is more important. Learn the sensitivities of your body and avoid those that create troubles to yourself. Increase food intake (carrots, apples, use fresh and organic herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, etc.) that give your entire system a boost of energy and circulation. Do not use supplements, plenty of foods are naturally embedded with natural vitamins. Health experts have said dieting is not a solution for a healthy body.

Realistic and Sensible View:
Let's face the reality. It is a matter of knowing what is bad and good for your body. You just need to be a sensible person and smart about food intake and avoid junks, understand what are causing your deficiencies. You don't need to read an encyclopedia either.  Always take a look at what you are taking into your system. Learn something new every day about how to sustain better health. You cannot become healthy over night, take the approach "slowly but surely". You just need to make that determination to achieve because you will gain more results on anything that you will do this year when you are healthy.

You can create your small group of friends and family members to start a realistic "healthy-oriented program" that covers the 6 items listed above. They are simple and yet everyone will enjoy and see the difference in each other's health. Create a chart of all the participants and check-in with one another how you are progressing. This will create a motivational factor in achieving certain level or progress within your healthy goals.

The Harvard School of  Public Health created a diagram that shows a Healthy Plate. Something to think about  as a reference when you prepare your plate whenever your eat. You can make your own plating combinations and enjoy the food with your family and friends.

Acknowledgement: Harvard School of Public Health

Your comments and insights are always appreciated. We like to hear from you.

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