Saturday, December 15, 2012

Workforce: Their Invaluable Talents and Competencies

People possess talents that are either innate and acquired. These talents are combined with behaviours, attitude and intelligence that will illustrate uniqueness of one's personality. And these are readily adaptable into any type of setting or environment.

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Every individual member of a workforce offers a set of skills that cannot be found true from another. The DNA of each person is the differentiator in working style, idea processing, navigating relationships, behaviors, manners, attitudes, aptitude, technical trade and communication competencies. 

Across the nation, organizations are struggling in hiring the best people to become a member of their workforce and then retain them in a long term. However, one of the most predictive challenges of organizations is the long term dedication and loyalty of workforce. These is because of one basic reason, organizations of today are not creating strategic career paths, there are no tangible mentoring for professional development of promising leaders, opportunities for advancement for younger one's are limited due to external forces that are brought into the organization, safety net of environment have disappeared, functinal responsibilities are no longer fulfilling and majority are driven mechanically instead of using intelligible decisions of people and their skills to maneuver growth, efficiency and advancement.

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