Thursday, March 22, 2012

Advantages in Consuming Locally Grown Products

Recently, the buzz and campaigns about products that are grown locally has been gaining its market emphasis.  While this is not a professionally focused topic, we feel that the quality of food that we eat provide a greater healthy perspectives on the way we work and healthier body functions.

In California, this campaign is growing and is influencing many more individuals who are buying and looking for products and produce that are grown locally.


There are many advantages when, as consumers will buy locally produced products and vegetables. Each state and city has local products that consumers can enjoy.  These products will help you gain better health.

For example; in Portland, Maine, Pastor Chuck Orchard's produces and distributes to selected supermarket that carry locally grown and organic products. Look for 'Apple-based sauces and butters'
credit: Pastor Chuck Orchard
What this means to you?
1. Consuming locally and organically produced vegetables and fruits - you are helping your local economy to grow particularly you are supporting the farmers who are working hard to produce them

2. You are creating a habit of enjoying the local products and appreciate their value
3. Your loccally grown produce may have been organically grown as well. This meant better health condition because there are less pesticides or even free of pesticides used by farmers

4. Overall, consuming locally grown products will have a universal impact to both producer and the consumer - both are helping each other to advance effectively. 

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