Monday, June 20, 2011

Positives Influences Better Outlook

It was a Sunday morning and doing some readings after breakfast. I come across of an article shared by one friend. And a link to another article caught my eyes because of its intriguing title, “Things You Can Give When You Think You Have Nothing Left To Give”. As a critical thinker myself, I clicked on the link and was led to the List of items that was refreshing, simple and easy to read. Indeed, it made my day.

I like to share with you the List of Things that I read. You will then make your own reflection if there is a role of any of them in your daily life. Somehow, it will be great to demonstrate the humane aspect within us every now and then if not always.

This list is a reminder of intangible things that we somehow forget doing during or in between our day to day activities. 

  1. Give A Smile
    Give a smile and give it to every single person that you meet, and you will receive smiles in return.

  1. Give Out Good Thoughts
    Give out good thoughts about others, and even about what you find yourself doing, and you will live a good life, and good thoughts will be thought about you.
  1. Give A Kind Word
    Give a kind word to others and your kindness will be returned with kindness. Mankind was created to be kind.
  1. Give A Cheerful Disposition
    Give a cheerful disposition and your cheerfulness will be cheered and not jeered.
  1. Give Appreciation
    Give appreciation and your life will appreciate (be added to in value), and in turn you will be greatly appreciated.
  1. Give Encouragement
    Give encouragement and you will be imbued with fresh courage to face each day, and be prepared to attract encouragers to you.
  1. Give Honor
    Give honor where honor is due, for this is the honorable thing to do, and be prepared for fresh applause.
  1. Give Happiness
    Give happiness and you will be unable to avoid the happy feeling that accompanies it, and brings happiness to you as well.
  1. Give Of Your Time
    Give of your time to a greater cause than yourself, and it will cause you to be rewarded in ways that you can only start to imagine.
  1. Give Hope
    Give hope and watch hopelessness disappear, faith rise, and joy abound.
  1. Give Prayer
    Give prayer for your friends and for those who may be perceived as enemies. There is so much anger in the air in our world, and these prayers will go a long way to bringing the miraculous into play amidst the madness.
Disclaimer:  The Author, Peter G. James Sinclair, granted permission to reprint the listed “11 Things to Give..”  Peter G. James Sinclair, is a Heart To Heart Resuscitation Specialist,

The listed actions may seem ‘silly to others’ but your judgment will be as good as mine. We seem to focus heavily on our many business activities on a daily basis. It may be a great idea to incorporate some of these into our daily itineraries. Touching the lives of others in a simple way will make a big difference.

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