Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Global: Expatriates Struggles caused by Missing Skills and Comptencies

Expatriates are one among the most active professionals that move from one workplace to another work location. At times they are the so called 'creme of the crop at a workplace' and they oftentimes the envy of others.

Opportunities to live, work and relocate in a new country are very exciting. New Job level, management or individual contributor category, single or with family. New places to go and visit. Meeting new friends. Tasting new types of foods, immersion to new culture, New school for children and many others.

Not long behold, there are few important skills that are missing. Few months after arrival at new location of assignment. Homesickness to friends and family back home starts surfacing. Strange behavior of people begin to appear in front of the expatriate's face. Foods are becoming a subject of irritation as they are not the same as he/she used to. Communicating with others particularly with nationals in the country of assignment was becoming a struggle. What are basics compared to complex and advanced knowledge and training about culture and adjust-ability becomes an apparent cause of additional confusion?

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